Monday, February 08, 2016

Iranian Nuclear Weapons Buildup Continued Straight Through & Since Iran Nuclear "Deal"

by JASmius

Almost as if the year after year of the endlessly masturbatory negotiations culminating in the capitulation, sellout, and betrayal of Barack Obama's own country, every American ally (but especially Israel), and the entire Western world was nothing but a sideshow to the mullahs, designed for no other purpose than to get the sanctions lifted, the $150 billion cash infusion, and the resumption of tribute collecting from the European Union.  While, in the mean time, the main event - Iranian nuclear superiority - hummed ever onward, unfettered and unrestrained.

But that couldn't be - could it?:

Satellite imagery provided by our partners at AllSource Analysis gives a clear picture of the dual nature of Iran’s approach to its nuclear program throughout its negotiations with the West. The pictures of the Parchin Military Complex, taken in July 2010 and January 2016, respectively, show how Tehran removed potentially incriminating traces of activity at the site while talks were ongoing. It also constructed an underground facility within the complex, where research and weapons development could be concealed. …

Based on the images, it is clear that Iran began making an effort to scrub the site clean in 2012, as talks with the West began to show more potential. It removed layers of soil and foliage that could have contained evidence of its previous activities well before inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in September 2015, and covered large areas with concrete. Tehran also insisted that Iranian personnel, rather than IAEA experts, collect the test samples required for the inspection. However, the IAEA insists that this process was subject to rigid oversight, and the organization found no incriminating evidence against Iran during its visit to Parchin, though this was likely in part due to the recent renovations and the lack of equipment left in the high explosives test building.

Of course, the IAEA insists that the process was subject to "rigid oversight" - to admit the truth that it wasn't, that they're just props for Iranian propaganda, would make them look like the useful idiots they are.  So they perpetuate the fiction that they were actually inspecting areas like since sanitized, and which the mullahs will not permit them to even pretend to inspect now, because those are the facilities in which Iranian nuclear warhead manufacturing is taking place - that it's called the Parchin MILITARY Complex is kind of a, well, "dead" giveaway.

“The images show Iran was going through the motions to hide what it’s done before, and it is still…developing facilities that the IAEA may or may not have access to,” Tack said, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency. …

While the destruction of that controversial building has been reported before, Tack said the publication of images of the near-simultaneous construction of the tunnel entrance to another part of the complex is new.

“The imagery showed they were working on a tunnel entrance within the Parchin complex…and it looks like it’s complete,” Tack said. A 2014 image Stratfor did not release showed construction equipment outside tunnel entrance.

“They were still going forward with that construction during the talks,” he said.

Think about that, my friends.  Nothing that was said and done in Geneva - not a single meeting, not a single concession, not a single syllable of anything that was uttered by John Kerry or Barack Obama for all of those years, the very crown jewel of the Obama Doctrine and "legacy," was the slightest bit relevant to or had the remotest affect on the Iranian nuclear weapons program, which has only accelerated following the conclusion of the "deal" that was supposed to delay it.

And this White House knew it, and yet signed off on the "deal" anyway, and jealously guards its "achievement" with extreme prejudice.

Man, I can't wait for the first Iranian nuclear test (which may or may not be carried out in Tel Aviv or Manhattan) that The One will insist is "just an earthquake," and "all Bush's fault".

Exit thought: Say, you don't suppose that the most recent North Korean nuclear test might have been of an Iranian nuclear warhead, do you?  They ARE collaborating on their mutual ballistic missile development, after all.  This wouldn't be much of a stretch.

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