Thursday, February 11, 2016

ISIS Has ***Used*** Chemical Weapons

by JASmius

This according to no less than CIA Director John Brennan.  Evidently al-Baghdadi's boys have moved quite a ways beyond "development" - and the situation is sufficiently and imminently dire that Obama Regime officials are finally broaching the topic in public.

Or else Brennan is "going off the reservation":

The Islamic State (ISIS) has used chemical weapons on the battlefield and has the ability to ship them to the West, CIA Director John Brennan told CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley in an interview to be broadcast Sunday on Sixty Minutes.

"We have a number of instances where ISIS has used chemical munitions on the battlefield," Brennan said in an excerpt of the interview aired Thursday on The CBS Evening News.

ISIS has access to chemical artillery shells, and has the ability to manufacture small amounts chlorine and mustard gas, he told Pelley.

"I think they have tactical capability of using certain chemical weapons, and I'll leave it at that, on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq," Brennan said. "And we do have instances where we believe that they, in fact, use them." [emphasis added]

The logic of Obamunism is that if they're admitting to ISIS having a "small" chemical weapons manufacturing capability, they probably have enough to gas the entire Middle East, and if they're admitting to "a number of instances" where ISIS has used them, that usage is widespread, promiscuous, and indiscriminate.

And if they're acknowledging that ISIS has the ability to ship chemical warheads to the West, they've already got them deployed and ready to detonate or disburse.

But as I wrote last June, full-blown chemical munitions aren't necessary to carry out a devastating mass-casualty attack:

How difficult would it be for an ISIS agent to rent a little Cesna aircraft, fly over a major population center and empty a stock of nerve gas canisters? Or release it in a subway system? There are any number of conceivable ways for chemical and biological attacks to be unleashed, and unlike with bombs or Islamikazes or nukes, we wouldn't know we were under attack until people started collapsing and dying en masse.

It's only a matter of time.  We have John Brennan's word on it.

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