Monday, February 08, 2016

The Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

by JASmius

Watch (or re-watch) it for yourself:

It's not the funniest or most clever Super Bowl ad I've ever seen, but it's cute and it gets across its intended point: Doritos are delicious and everybody wants them - in utero or out.  Even if you're pro-abortion, you should be able to set that aside and get a chuckle out of a spot that was not, after all, produced by the Center For Medical Progress.

I don't know how many pro-aborts fit that description, but the baby-dismemberers at NARAL weren't among them:

What’s causing controversy is the portrayal of that unborn baby as one with an actual human personality. As NRO’s Jay Nordlinger noted earlier, the ad dares to portray the unborn child as human, and “not a meaningless blob of protoplasm.”

The pro-abortion [extrem]ist group NARAL tweeted its disapproval, criticizing Doritos for “using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.”

 - that @Doritos ad using  tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. 

First of all, NARAL doesn't give a flying frak about "sexist tropes" where fathers are concerned.  To them, all men are "seed donors" at best, roving sexual animals at worst.  Second of all, NARAL pretending to grouse about depictions of moms as being "uptight" is a level of irony that threatens to rip holes in the fabric of the spacetime continuum.  What surprises me is that they didn't rip her for not having had her baby killed like she was supposed to if she wished to remain "authentically female".

But look at that phrase: "#antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses".  What a toxic morass of heinousness and stupidity.  First, they're coming right out and admitting that "choice " means killing babies, and that any other "choice" - such as sparing their lives - should not be permitted.  Second, they're coming right out and saying that HUMAN offspring, conceived by HUMANS, with HUMAN DNA, who invariably grow up to be HUMANS, aren't human and, paradoxically, should be DE-humanized, in classic Naziesque fashion.

Why is NARAL so uptight, in other words?  Because they have no argument, never have, and it - and their utter evil - become more obvious with each passing day:

By showing a “fetus” as not a “clump of cells” but a tiny human being, Doritos exposed the weakness of the pro-abortion worldview: The commitment to denying the humanity of the unborn child is in conflict with basic common sense.

And decency.

Those who prefer to describe their side as “pro-choice” cannot tolerate any evidence that shows the human life that “choice” could be ending.

Because they know that, in the court of public opinion, they are inexorably losing.  Which is why they're using the police power of the state, in the form of the ACTUAL court system, to prop themselves up, force their worldview on the country via lies, threats, and intimidation, and utterly destroy their opposition - for making the "wrong" choice.

I'm guessing NARALites don't eat snack chips anyway, even though they're custom-made for scooping up baby guts hors d'oeuvres.  Maybe next year Doritos will introduce its "fetal ganglia and entrails" flavor.  I can't wait to see that tweetstorm.

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