Monday, March 14, 2016

Eric "The Red" Holder: Senate Blocking Obama SCOTUS Nominee "Height Of Arrogance"

by JASmius

The Senate leadership's plan to blockade Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court is the "height of arrogance," former [Reichsfuhrer] Eric Holder says — lashing out at GOP lawmakers for repeatedly refusing to "meet the president halfway."

In an interview with Buzz Feed News posted Monday, Holder sharply accused Senate Republicans of shirking their duties for a "political cause."

"The notion that the Majority Leader Senator McConnell, without knowing who the nominee was going to be pronounced the nomination dead even before [its] arrival is in some ways the height of arrogance," Holder tells Buzz Feed News. "But also I think it's irresponsible."

The delay to await a new president would "put at risk" government function and hobble the judicial branch, Holder asserts.

"Our #1 goal is that Senate Republicans do their job, follow their constitutional responsibility and take up the president's nominee and put that person on the court."

"But if they want a political fight, we're more than willing to accommodate them. And if they maintain this unprecedented obstruction, they can kiss their majority goodbye." [emphasis added]

I think I just pissed myself.

Ah, yes, the Senate's "job" is to follow Obama's orders and do his bidding.  Must be in that new-fangled "Obamatution" he issued seven years ago.  I understand it was double-ply, too.

Meanwhile, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) remains rock-ribbedly resolute:

Also on Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa dug in on blocking all action on an eventual nominee this year, saying Democrats are only criticizing the strategy to score political points. He and other Republicans stood firm in opposition to an election-year confirmation, arguing that American voters should have a say in November.

On Capitol Hill, Grassley said at a committee meeting Thursday that Democrats’ efforts to pressure him to change his mind will be futile. Senate Minority Leader Harry (G)Reid, D-NV, has delivered daily speeches on the Senate floor against Grassley, sometimes attacking him personally.

“I think we need to be crystal clear, it won’t work,” Grassley said.

Sage exit question from Jim Geraghty's Morning Jolt e-newsletter: "So if there’s willingness to denounce and punish deviations from the conservative position [on the part of Tea Partiers], why isn’t there corresponding willingness to praise and support a lawmaker who takes the conservative position, particularly when it’s tough?"

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