Wednesday, March 16, 2016


By Allan McNew

How 'bout the way far left media, academia, entertainers and attack organizations such as smear those on the right and seize the narrative with “are you still burning little puppies alive?” assertions, ad hominen attacks and straw man debate. Those on the right seem to fall for it almost every time, always on the defensive and always looking weak. However, maybe we can look at those people with the same lens they use on people who haven't jumped on their progressive-Democratic-socialist bandwagon.

Take Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's “Hardball” show. Using the hypocritical lingo of the flock he pretends to fly with, Chris can be addressed thusly:

“Matthews constantly spews hate speech violence on a daily basis with his homophobic, misogynistic and racist views causing widespread psychological damage to the majority of the public which is susceptible to coded slurs and other harmful triggers. He is host of “Hardball” due only to his white privilege and the systematic, societal oppression of women and minorities which the corporate structure of MNSBC fosters. If MSNBC were contributing to social justice, the host(s) of “Hardball” would be chosen to represent the diverse richness of the world: women, people of color, the LGBT community, the economically deprived and left handed people with twelve toes and spiked Mohawks.”

“Being a rich, income inequity oppressor who doesn't pay his fair share of taxes and engages in economic violence which beats down the poor, Matthews further commits racial violence with self segregation by living in an upper crust neighborhood which excludes people of color by rejecting low income housing and using and endorsing gun violence prone, black murdering police to chase the homeless from the community in which he lives. In women's issues, Matthews commits hate violence against women by interfering with a woman's right to chose whatever she does with her body by not offering his personal living space to be utilized for an abortion clinic in the same bigoted, hate racist way he doesn't offer his home to any number of poor immigrants who just want a better life by occupying his house. Matthews also gleefully and maliciously commits environmental racial hate violence by his enormous carbon footprint, not the least by working for a corporation which fosters man made climate change by its willful, climate harming choices concerning energy sources, energy usage and methods of transportation. Matthews and MSNBC are coded climate change deniers who need to be stopped”

“So, it is incumbent on us to mobilize and venture forth from the safe zones oppressor Matthews has driven us to with his harmful hate speech violence, confront him and his enabling employer where they work, associate and live, AND SHUT THEM DOWN by any and all means necessary including economic boycott and demonstrations within and without the MSNBC studios and their residences.”

This could pretty much be generic. One could question how many large, expensive houses and gas guzzling, high dollar European cars Michael Moore owns. No matter what sexual preferences Rachel Maddow actually has, she could be slammed as an anti-lesbian hater. Whoopie Goldberg could be an elitist, race hating bigot. Tom Steyer is a 1%er who stole his fortune by investing in earth-rapists who decimated 3rd world poor for oil. Al Sharpton manipulates huge sums of shakedown money yet doesn't pay his fair share of taxes. Josh Earnest only wears teddies among his closest associates, so he's a traitor to the LGBT community. Morris Dees of the SPLC made a fortune from race hate groups by posting smear jobs as well as real bigots in his “hate watch” list while not listing bigots "of color". President Obama hasn't yet appointed an albino hermaphrodite pygmy as ambassador to Norway, he's a bigot. Al Gore kills baby seals as well as polar bears by flying his private jet across the country to get cheeseburgers.

Much of the above parody hits the truth in hypocrisy bullseye far more than not, the possibilities are endless.



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