Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hyundai's Ford is Trump's GOP

By Douglas V. Gibbs

While driving on Tuesday I saw a vehicle belonging to a local Hyundai dealer.  The white vehicle was painted on the hood, both sides, and the back with logos and information regarding the dealership the vehicle belonged to.  However, the vehicle was not a Hyundai.  It was a Ford.  I asked myself, "Why would they use a Ford rather than a Hyundai as a go-fer, or service, vehicle?"

Did they use a Ford as a service vehicle because in reality they think a Ford is a better vehicle than a Hyundai, and so it was cost effective to use the higher quality vehicle?  Or, did they use a Ford as a service vehicle because the Ford was a throw away?  "Why use a Hyundai?" may have been the thinking, "because it is a higher quality vehicle and we need to sell those."

Then, I got to thinking about Donald Trump.  Is he a Republican?  Is he also a Democrat?  Perhaps he became a Republican because it is the higher quality vehicle for him to ascend into politics.  Or, perhaps the Democrat Party is a throw away party.  Does he believe that the Republican vehicle is a better vehicle?  Does he believe in the principles?  Or is the GOP just a vehicle to get him where he wants to go, and then he'll ditch it, and its platform, once he gets where he is going?

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