Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Kyle Odom Finally Apprehended....Breaking Into White House

by JASmius

Well, now we know to where he "got away":

A man suspected of shooting an Idaho pastor who led a prayer at a rally for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was arrested on Tuesday and was facing attempted murder charges, police said.

Kyle Odom, thirty, was taken into custody in Washington D.C. in connection with the Sunday afternoon shooting of Pastor Tim Remington outside the Altar Church, Coeur d'Alene Police Department Chief Lee White said in a late Tuesday news conference.

Odom was apprehended by Secret Service officers after he tossed several items, including flash drives, over the fence of the White House, White said.

Presumably to be followed by himself.  Since apparently anybody can get into the residence if they're "good climbers" and can manage a brisk sprint across the lawn, and since the front door is always left unlocked, if not standing open, I guess Odom figured, "What the hell, let's give it a shot".

Evidently he wasn't carrying out this strange jihad for Allah or Satan (pardon the redundancy) or the pompadoured prince, but was concerned about an entirely different sort of illegal alien invasion:

Odom flew from Boise, Idaho, to Washington D.C., on March 7th, White said. An investigation into his plans was ongoing.

The police chief, who previously said Odom had a history of mental illness, read a statement from Odom's family saying they were thankful for his "safe apprehension."

Local broadcaster KXLY reported that a Facebook page linked with Odom, who police said suffered from mental illness, was updated on Tuesday with a statement claiming that Remington was part of an ancient Martian civilization that ruled Earth.

It's a pity the X-Files are back in retirement.  Mulder might actually have bought into this stuff.

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