Monday, March 07, 2016

No, George W. Bush Did NOT "Lie" About Iraq

by JASmius

Judith Miller sets the record, and Mr. Small-Hands, straight once again:

I resist her heavy reliance upon the word "mistakes," since it is established fact that Saddam Hussein stashed a lot of his chemical arsenal across the Syrian border with his Baathist "cousin" Bashar al-Assad, where they would be used by ISIS against Syrian civilians to frame the Syrian dictator a decade later, in the six months Dubya wasted going back to, and then diddling around with, the UN, instead of just invading Iraq in late 2002 and catching him red handed with it all.  And, as she points out, chemical weapons were found in Iraq despite all of that, so the assertion that there were "no WMDs in Iraq," the basis of the "Bush lied, people died" leftwingnut rallying cry, was always a libelous smear.

It's such a delicious contrast to the real, no-foolin', gen-u-ine politicized intelligence book-cooking of the Obama Regime, intended not to err on the side of national security caution by overestimating ISIS capabilities to counter domestic treasonists and collaborators, but to deliberately downplay and conceal them and the designed failure of Obama's phony "six o'clock news" "war," which is sooner or later going to get a lot of Americans killed who would not perish otherwise.

Or the Left's psychological projection at its most vile and despicable.

Which Donald Trump spouts seemingly from memory, instinct....and conviction.  An oddity coming from a supposed "Republican," don't y'all think?

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