Friday, March 04, 2016

Pope Dhimmi Runs Up The White-Smoke Flag

by JASmius

Et habitabitis in ea latitare, (Lie back and enjoy it), Europe:

Pope Francis referred to an “Arab invasion” during a speech to a French Christian group this week, adding that Europe has been enhanced by previous influxes of people.

The pontiff also noted that Europe has seen many invasions over the course of its history, according to excerpts of the comments posted on the website of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

Indeed; that was a leading cause of the onset of the Dark Ages, as a matter of fact.  Not exactly what I would call a "new resource".  Hell, Europe also saw the "Black Death" that wiped out over half of its population almost seven centuries ago; where was the silver lining in THAT dark cloud, your Unholiness?

I guess one could argue that the Viking incursions five centuries before that were an example of an invading force eventually assimilating into the existing European culture, except that (1) European culture back then was Christian, unlike today's paganistic vacuum; (2) the Norsemen didn't pour south by the multiple millions with the express mission of wiping out the indigenous inhabitants and their culture.  They came in small, individual raiding parties that would swoop in, rape and plunder, and then swoop back out - not unlike contemporary jihadist groups.  The current Muslim invasion is an altogether larger and different phenomenon.  And, (3) those earlier invasions were invasions, acts of war and murder and carnage and injustice and oppression.  Today's Europeans don't get to skip over all the nastiness to the next island of equilibrium - which, under this enemy, will be scarcely any less nasty.

Europe has been facing huge waves of [Muslim]s and asylum seekers, many of them from Syria and Iraq. While the seemingly endless streams of people have led to tension among the twenty-eight nations of the European Union, some political leaders have said the newcomers should be seen as a new resource.

“Today we can talk about an Arab invasion,” the Roman Catholic leader said in the comments dated Thursday. “It is a social fact.”

That does NOT have to be accepted, if there is the collective will to repel it.  Which there's not, and certainly won't be cultivated by the Red Pontiff.

Often, Bergoglio [the Pope] uses a Biblical metaphor. He compares the Old Continent to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Sara was sterile and when she was more than seventy years old, according to the customs of those remote times she gave her slave to her husband so he could father a child on her. But then, miraculously, she succeeded in having one at the age of ninety. “Europe,” Francisco loves to repeat, “is like Sarah, who first feared but then smiled secretly.” His hope, referring to what he had said, is that Europe will “smile secretly” at the [Muslim]s. [emphasis added]

The problem with that angle is that the solution to modern Europe's "barrenness" is its re-Christianization - something one would think a Roman Catholic pope would be championing - not surrender to the Islamic hordes that want to overrun and destroy the "Old Continent".

But then Francis is no "ordinary" pope:

This Pope is an enemy of Europe. He was appointed after pressure to appoint a non-European. They found a third-world socialist who, when talking about Europeans, repeatedly uses contemptuous terminology that would unhesitatingly be branded “hate speech” if it was used against anyone else.

Evidently Francis agrees with Adolph Hitler's dismissal of Christianity as a "slave religion" and extolling of Islam as a "creed of warriors".  And when the mujahadeen reach Vatican City, I hope for his sake that that view will turn the scimitar aimed at his neck.  It'd be a shame for those spotless white robes to be stained as red as his Marxist-Leninist heart.

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