Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Societal Prison

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Society has been set on its head.  Facts mean nothing.  The truth is a radical concept.

The politically correct mainstream media is waging a war against truth.  The Department of Education and its allies in the media have molded the latest generation, training them to do the bidding of the leftist agenda.  Never mind the standards of due process, you are guilty for merely disagreeing with them.  Consequences need not apply to protected groups.  They are safe as long as they call those who dare to disagree with them racist, bigoted, and phobic.
Americans seem to think they have been liberated from religious moralism.  Freedom, they believe, is doing whatever you want.  They are obsessed with protecting the leftist narrative, and enabling governmental control in the name of the common good.  They have become easily offended, paranoid, intolerant, and angry.

The Chicago protests against Trump were just the beginning.  These agitators mean to create revolution.  They seek to capture history, to bring about in the United States what so many communist idealist have failed to do time and time again.

They consider themselves liberated, but in reality they are enslaving themselves.

While they hide in safe-zones, and cower in gun-free zones, the reality is that there are bad guys out there ready to do harm against them.  The sheep in today's society are ill-equipped to handle a real enemy.  They are easily offended, and cowardly.  They were taught all their lives they are special, and everyone gets a participation trophy, and as a result, they are not equipped to handle the rigors of life, nor the reality that there are bad ideologies out there who wish to destroy us.  If the leftist communists don't take us out, the Muslim hordes will.

So, while the liberal left sheep run around in circles in their societal prison, can we do what it takes to restore the republic?

I am an optimist, but I believe it will get much uglier before it gets better.

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