Monday, March 07, 2016

Ted Cruz Prayer Rally Pastor Nearly Assassinated

by JASmius

I really, REALLY don't want this to be what it so clearly looks like.  But given that local law enforcement has embargoed any disclosure of motive in this shooting, it's difficult not to draw some very disquieting conclusions:

Tim Remington, a pastor in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was shot in the back four times outside his church on Sunday, just one day after leading a prayer at a Ted Cruz rally....

Police said the shooting took place around 2:00 p.m.

Kyle Odom, thirty, is suspected of shooting Remington in the back four times, then fleeing the scene in a 2004 Silver Honda Accord with Idaho license plate K578519.

Witnesses told NBC affiliate KHQ that Odom attended church services, then waited in his car until Remington came out to the parking lot.

"He's introducing the Bible and Jesus Christ to so many lost souls around here that it's just, I can't believe that someone would even think of doing something like this to him," Kevin Baurele said.

According to KXLY, Altar Church Outreach Pastor John Padula said Remington suffered a shattered pelvis, a skull fracture, a broken arm, and a punctured lung.

First of all, it is a miracle that Pastor Remington is still alive after sustaining all those major injuries; God didn't spare him the shooting or the suffering he's enduring now, but he hasn't "called him home," yet, and all our prayers should stream heavenward praising Him for Pastor Remington's survival and supplicating Him for his full recovery.

Now, then.  There are any number of plausible explanations for Mr. Odom's heinous actions: (1) He's a militant atheist who wants all Christians dead (although he didn't spray hot lead indiscriminately, but aimed only at Pastor Remington); (2) He's a Muslim convert (although the same caveat applies here as well); or (3) he's a mentally-irregular Trumplican who was outraged that Pastor Remington didn't "mix church and state" in his candidate's favor instead of Senator Cruz's.  Or it could be another, entirely personal reason or reasons.  Or some combination of any or all of the above.  It would be very helpful if local law enforcement would let us know ASAP.

But it's difficult to ignore the fact that this shooting took place fewer than twenty-four hours after Pastor Remington gave the invocation at Senator Cruz's Saturday campaign rally in Boise.  Is, perhaps, a "message" being sent to anybody who dares back "TrusTed"?

Here's hoping his Secret Service protection gets signficantly enhanced - like, literally, yesterday.

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