Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Establishment

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Definitions.  Premise.  The foundation.  It's time for another tea party.

Who is the establishment?

Someone told me the other day that conservatives are now the GOP establishment.  Really?

What is the establishment?

Beyond the political parties, beyond ideology, deep inside the bowels of Washington, exists a political ruling class of what Obama would call professional politicians.  This group of elites establish the rules, and control the inner-machinations of the government.  Inside the club there is more buying and selling than on Wall Street.  The establishment is considered to be out of touch with voters, but in reality, it is worse than that. They could care less about the voters, and find a way around them at every opportunity.

The Republican Establishment's failure to act when given the opportunity by voters was the reason for the rise of the Tea Party, and is now a large part of what is behind the support for Donald Trump.  Trump is not a part of the political machine, and is not a part of the establishment. . . or at least that is what his supporters believe.

Sarah Palin calls the establishment a “good old boy system.”  Perhaps that is a part of what is behind her supporting Trump.  Like the voters who support Trump, Palin appreciates The Donald because he is outside the system, and as far as they are concerned, he can't be bought.

Alternative Definition: "Those who want to preserve the status quo because they directly benefit from it and don't challenge the political-media industrial complex" – Tony Lee, Breitbart News

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1 comment:

JASmius said...

I didn't say conservatives are now the GOP establishment; I said the GOP establishment is conservative. The "establishment" on which you are fixated hasn't existed in over half a century. They were called "Rockefeller Republicans".

And, I'm sorry to have to remind you of this, but ALL politicians are "professional" by definition, and that has been the case in this country since its founding. As i always say, if you needed heart surgery to save your life, would you rather have the best cardiac surgeon you could find who had successfully performed the procedure a thousand times without failure - i.e. somebody who knew what they were doing - or would you go grab Mr. Goodwrench from the local garage? You know which choice you would make. So what makes politics, and especially the presidency, which is NOT an entry-level job, any different?

You know I'm right, Doug. And if you don't now, and Trump somehow wins it all, you will.