Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Snoozer In Miami

by JASmius

That's what happened tonight, ladies and gentlemen: They staged a Wrestlemania XXXII main event....

 ....and a boring, old political debate broke out....

....that, despite Cruz and Rubio substantively wiping up the floor with Trump for the third straight week, not only had no hope of changing - sorry, I meant "de-programming" - any Trumplican minds, but will probably have the lowest ratings of any bout in the 2016 cycle, and doubtless put those few who did tune in to sleep before Hugh Hewitt could ask his first question.

I mean, come on!  Where were the penis jokes?  The ethnic slurs?  Trump climbing up on his podium, dropping trou, and mooning the audience (aka the Trump Total Eclipse)?  John Kasich pissing himself?  Politics isn't about policy and substance, dammit!  It's about entertainment!

I guess the TTE will have to wait for his first State of the Trump address.

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