Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump Advice To Mitt Romney in 2012: "Use Birtherism To Excite Right-Wing Crazies”

by JASmius

So says former Romney personal aide Garrett Jackson in the following tweet:

I recorded a lot @realDonaldTrump better hope I didn't record him telling us to use birther argument bc "rightwing crazies will believe it"

Whether Jackson has audio of that Trump comment is unknown; it sounds like he distinctly remembers him saying this to Governor Romney but isn't certain if he recorded it or not.  I don't know if recording conversations in which his boss was involved is in the job description; I can understand why a candidate would want recordings of conversations so that they have a record of them to reference later should any controversy arise, but was it secret or did Trump know their conversation was being recorded?  I'm assuming the latter, as otherwise tweeting out something like this would damage Romney a lot more than Trump.

Apart from all that, though, if I were Jackson, I'd have gone back through those recordings to verify whether this exchange was in the ol' archives and then post it directly.  That would be way more damaging than just an accusatory tweet.

Still, the latter does have some impact because Trump pushing birtherism and referring to conservatives as "rightwing crazies" is precisely the sort of thing that you can hear and see the millionaire slumlord saying.  Ditto believing that all conservatives are birthers, just the sort of contemptuous stereotyping in which a New York liberal would engage.  Perhaps the idea is to dangle this tweet as retaliation bait, provoke a tiradal, insult-flecked Trump denial, and then drop the "trumping" "right wing crazies" audio.  The classic ambush for a supreme egotist.into which they cannot help but fall.

Whether that would matter to Trumplicans, who either weren't conservatives to begin with or are ex-Tea Partiers who betrayed their formerly, and perhaps fauxly, held conservative principles to howl after Trump, and tribalistically worship their "messiah" in any case, I'll leave for y'all to decide for yourselves.  But I would thoroughly enjoy it, both for its own sake and to see just how stratospherically high Trumplicans' betrayal threshold truly is, if it even exists at all.

Incidentally, there is a new measuring stick for how lunatic the Republican race has become: Sean Penn is now a subscriber to this classic meme:

If Sean Penn agreeing with me on anything isn't one of the signs of the Apocalypse, it damned well ought to be.

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