Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump Majority

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The historical run for president by billionaire Donald Trump has been filled with potholes, pitfalls, and protests.  With many voters, there is little middle ground with the guy.  Either you love him, or you hate him. . . well, hate his decision to try to become President of the United States, anyway.  He's being called "nationalist" and "populist" by the media, but an "establishment killer" by his supporters.  While the insiders fear that he will disrupt the status quo, his fans hope that is exactly what he does.  He's a wild card.  We're not even sure if he believes what he says.  Violent protests are being staged by the professional agitators of the liberal left, and the Republicans are trying to figure out how to take him out of the race, even going so far as to hold secret meetings with that in mind, and threatening a third party run.  And, honestly, such a move by the GOP would destroy what's left of the party. . . and we'd see the rise of a Donald Trump political party.

Yet, here we are, deep into the election season, and Trump is way out front.

Early in the campaign the GOP was demanding that Trump would be loyal to the party, and pledge to support the winner if it wasn't him.  Yet, those same Republicans are saying they won't support Trump if he wins.  The political machine somehow has decided that Trump, since his intentions are unknown aside from what he has said, and he really hasn't presented the "how" he plans to make America great again, must either be a Democrat Party plant, or something worse than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Really?  They think the capitalist is worse than the communists?

For the first time Trump has garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. YouGov's February 24-27 survey marked his previous high, at 44% support.  Now, he's above 50%.  So, with all of the talk about the GOP stealing the election with a brokered convention, the reality is that unlike the Republican elite, the voters are beginning to gather around and give the leader their support.  Should the voters be rallying around Trump?  Does he deserve that the party unites behind him?

The folks hammering hardest on Donald Trump, remember, are the same folks who were crying that there were voters who refused to vote for Romney in the last presidential election, claiming that refusing to vote for Romney was a vote for Obama.  Does not that same logic apply here?  Are there really voters out there, as "not-conservative" as Trump may be, willing to throw away the country and give the reins to a communist like Hillary Clinton because they think Trump (who is a capitalist, mind you) is all about Trump?

Trump has not been at the top of my list, and honestly, I am not sure he believes everything he says, nor that in his heart and soul that he resembles anything close to being a conservative or a constitutionalist.  But, when given the choice between Donald Trump the successful capitalist who loves his country, and the socialist communists of Sanders or Clinton who hate the American System in its present state?  I won't be able to pull the lever for Trump fast enough.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Trump Breaks 50% in National Support for the First Time - YouGov


JASmius said...
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JASmius said...

Trump is a ***crony*** capitalist. And a bad one at that.

And how do you know he "loves his country"? Because he says he does? He lies half a dozen times before he gets out of bed in the morning. Name one selfless thing Donald Trump has ever done. You'll have to be exceedingly creative to come up with an example.

In short, Donald Trump is pretty much everything Tea Partiers used to claim to detest. And now even you're committing yourself to vote for him, if and when. Unbelievable.

JG said...

Of course Mr. Trump "lies a dozen times before he gets out of bed". As my wife says, Trump's been lying in bed all night! ;).

I may have read your article a little differntly than JASmius. I understood from your article that while Mr. Trump may not be the perfect candidate, and certainly undefined as to his degree of "conservatism", you believe him to be a better choice for America than Hillary or Bernie.

I too have many reservations about Mr. Trump's true intentions. However, I am wiling to give the man "the benefit of the doubt".

Perhaps Mr. Trump can benefit from more "Constitutional education" to help in his goal of making America Great Again, just like the rest of us? After all, he was not trained as a professional politician.

JASmius said...

You'd vote for a man who has vowed to unconstitutionally "open up the libel laws" in order to sue into silence any media source or outlet who opposes him, taking a great big Cleveland steamer on First Amendment press freedom? Put him in charge of the entire federal police apparatus, including the FBI and IRS? And you call yourself a principled constitutionalist?

JG said...

My vote depends on my available options.

I would first gather more information about the man. Is he the best of the worst? Can he be educated about the consequences of poor decisions? Is he willing to listen, learn and apply the U.S. Constitution? Is he a principled individual? If not, can he be trained?

The FBI, IRS and CIA already have a horrible track record of supporting the U.S. Constitution.
They are all in need of new, moral, principled leadership.