Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trump To Meet With GOP "Establishment" To Threaten Them Into Bootlicking Submission

by JASmius

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say "mend fences in the name of 'party unity'".

That, of course, is not what I meant to say, but apparently involuntary  BSing in the name of self-preservation is now the mandatory coin of the "rightwing" realm in the "Age of Trump":

Donald Trump will meet Monday with nearly two dozen top Republicans for the first time in an off-the-record session in hopes of building party unity.

"Mr. Trump is continuing his outreach to Washington and there has been an overwhelming positive response," Trump campaign manager [and woman-beater] Corey Lewandowski told the Washington Post on Saturday.

Motivated by fear, not inspiration, I can promise you.

The session will be held before the Republican front-runner speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, Lewandowski said. He would not say who would be attending. [emphasis added]

That's rather striking, wouldn't you say?  If "two dozen top Republicans" really were attending, wouldn't Trump want to publicize which ones they were in order to prove that they really are "top"?  And wouldn't anybody making such a pilgrimage to kiss Trump's ass like this want it known as well in order to appease the Trump mobs and avoid any more abuse and death threats?  And if they didn't, why wouldn't Trump double-cross and out them anyway?  It is, after all, only a matter of time before they knuckle under anyway.

The meeting was arranged by Alabama GOP Senator Jeff Sessions, whom the developer named head of his foreign policy advisory committee this week, and Trump campaign counsel Donald McGahn and other advisers, the Post reports.

Even though foreign policy is not Sessions' bailiwick or area of expertise and he is not on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He is, however, the only Senate 'Pubbie to date to sell out to Trump, and while the others will eventually start slinking in out of perceived practical necessity, the Alabaman has no such excuse.

Whoever this "gang of twenty four" are, this is the message they're going to get:

"Get on the Trump train or end up under it".  How many of them will tell him to go jump in the septic tank?  And will any of them ever be seen again?

Exit quote from the nobody-should-ever-mistake-him-for-"establishment" Erik Erickson:

So the rest of us must convert or die. There will be no campaign pitch. There will be no artful persuasion. As they are already announcing on social media, people will either have to get on their “Trump train” or get run over. The result will actually wind up being a bunch of people committed to blowing up the rails.

Americans do not convert or die, and that is why the Trump movement is fundamentally not an American movement. It is an aggressively authoritarian movement championed by people who think desperate times call for desperate measures. It will end badly for many. [emphases added]

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