Monday, March 07, 2016

Unite I.E./The Answer AM590 Conservative Conference: Less than 2 Weeks Away

The Saturday, March 19, 2016, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm: Unite IE/AM590 The Answer Conservative Conference "What Difference Does It Make?" event at the Riverside Fox Performing Arts Center, 3801 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA  92501 is almost upon us!!!

Yours truly, Douglas V. Gibbs, will have a table with my books, and other products, available, at what has become each year the largest grassroots conservative political event in Southern California.  As one of the original members of the Unite I.E. coalition, it is my pleasure, and honor, to be a part of this fantastic organization.  As for the event, the 2016 list of guest speakers is tremendous (with a new addition as a keynote speaker I am not even aware of, yet. . .), and the energy and opportunity of being able to fellowship with such a large group of "like minded people" is irreplaceable.

Here's some of the names of speakers you will be able to listen to at the event: Congressman Louie Gohmert, Larry Elder, Bill Whittle, The Politichicks, Grank Gaffney, Trevor Loudon, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Jenny Beth Martin, Alphonzo 'Zo' Rachel, Evan Sayet, Tim Donnelly, and Stephen Frank.  All GOP Presidential Candidates have been invited to speak.

Power without Action is Powerless.  We have a responsibility, a right, and an obligation to act upon our duty to protect, defend, and restore the principles and rule of law established by the United States Constitution.  Events like the Conservative Conference in Riverside, California is a large part of that endeavor.  A friend of mine, who passed away recently, once said to me his son said to him, "Dad, you have a great group of complainers.  But, what do they DO?"

A part of "doing" is getting out there and educating folks about the conservative message, and the Conservative Conference of 2016 is a large part of that.  Thomas Jefferson once said, "We don't have a government by the majority, but a government by the majority who participate."  Are you participating?  Have you bought your tickets?  Have you invited your neighbors, family, and friends to join you?

We have 13 days until the conference.  Do you have your tickets, yet?

KTIE AM590 are currently running ads about the conference, and you can buy tickets at eventbrite.  Help out the Constitution Association when you get your tickets, and choose us as your organization at the bottom of the screen when the menu appears regarding through which organization you heard about this event from.

I have tickets in my possession available for you to purchase, too, so if you come to one of my Constitution Classes, you can purchase balcony tickets from me for $30.

There is also a Facebook page to help spread the word about the conference!

Even bigger is that a major keynote speaker has been added to the lineup - and tonight I am expecting to discover who that big name is!  Stay tuned.

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