Friday, April 08, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter vs. La Clinton Nostra

by JASmius

Remember yesterday's twenty-first century Sister Souljah moment?  As you might have guessed, the truth did not set #BlackLivesMatter free.  But it didn't further alienate #BLM either, because they were already alienated, and not listening, to begin with:

The Clintons have simultaneously depended on black voters and thrown black voters under the bus for years now. Bill Clinton’s comments on Thursday were not the result of someone tired of being protested; his comments were the result of someone who has no shame in using black voters to get what they want.

Well, Alicia Garza is right about that second sentence, anyway, although it applies to the entire Democrat Party as well.  You could almost believe she might be ready to listen to the GOP message except that she demonstrably thinks the Democrats are just too right-wing.

Here’s the contradiction that black voters should pay close attention to: The 1994 crime bill and its resulting policies were supposedly designed to curb violent crime.

Which it did.

Yet the bill itself resulted in the bloating of prisons and jails with nonviolent offenders.

That was the idea, Miss Garza.  That and cutting down on "gang leaders who got thirteen-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them down to the street to murder other African American children".  What other outcome would you have expected?

Here’s the other contradiction that black voters should pay close attention to: There is currently a candidate talking out of both sides of her mouth about black people, black protest, and the things that are necessary for black lives to matter in this country.

i.e. Violent overthrow of the United States government, other, I'm assuming, than Barack Obama.  Oh, and white genocide.  Almost forgot.

And here’s a really hard lump to swallow: Bill Clinton’s comments attempted to position Hillary Clinton as someone who has always worked for black lives to matter. Pinocchio’s nose has never grown so long.

Black lives do matter, Miss Garza.  But they can't fully matter unless ALL OTHER lives matter as well (including the unborn, which targets African-Americans specifically and always has, but that's another topic).

Otherwise, the logic of your argument is that you, #BlackLivesMatter, are that of which you accuse "white America": racists, oppressors, and wannabe mass-murderers.  But that's just fine with y'all, as long as you're not on the "business" end of that process, isn't it?

Incidentally, Mr. Bill was at his word-parsing best in his "apology" today.  Hell, he's on an absolute roll:

One day after former President Bill Clinton confronted "Black Lives Matter" protesters at a rally, he issued a half-apology for his outburst.

"So I did something yesterday in Philadelphia. I almost want to apologize for it, but I want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country," Clinton said Friday during a campaign speech for his wife Hillary in Pennsylvania.... [emphasis added]

A dash of faux sheepish contrition, no actual apology or walk-back, and pivoting off of what he said yesterday to advance that point.  Absolutely brilliant.  Vintage Sick Willie.

On Friday, Clinton partially blamed his outburst on "old age," and said he was also defending his wife because some of the protesters were holding signs that read, "Hillary is a Murderer."

And they weren't Tea Partiers protesting her role in the Benghazi massacre, in which case the signs would have been secondarily accurate.

Even this was a hat-tipping blast from the past:

Clinton has been outspoken recently about Barack Obama, noting "the awful legacy of the last eight years."

He almost makes me forget that he himself campaigned vigorously for Red Barry four years ago and had a significant hand in those four years doubling.  Nope, Pecker Tracks hasn't lost any zip off his fastball in his "old age".

Will any of this hurt his wife going forward?  Not really.  The Dem SuperDuperDelegates will put her over the top if it comes to that, and where is #BLM going to go?  Whiter-than-a-banned-florescent-light-bulb Bernie Sanders?  Maybe if my friend the Director had been correct and Julian Castro had gotten into the Democrat race - or if I had been correct and Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren had - #BLM would have a viable (for them) alternative.  But if either had been the case, the Empress would have already been sent back to Chappaqua a long time ago, #BLM would have surrounded her mansion with her trapped inside, and burned it, and her, to the ground.

Hopefully not before the FBI got her basement email server, though.  In that circumstance, she really might have gone to jail, if, you know, she survived the fire.

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