Thursday, April 14, 2016

Boy Trudeau To Impose Canadian Partial Euthanasia

by JASmius

No fooling?  The Cheesers are really twenty years behind us on the death train?  Man, with their having languished under socialized medicine for as long as they have, free speech having been eliminated under the rubric of "human rights" and all manner of other leftist rampages up there over recent years, I'd have thought they'd have crossed this Rubicon a long, long time ago:

Canada will allow people with incurable illness or disability to end their lives with a doctor's help but stopped short of extending the right to minors and the mentally ill, according to draft legislation introduced on Thursday. [emphasis added]

Translation: Canada will allow doctors with incurable illness or disability to kill their patients, and they've stopped short of allowing doctors to kill children and the mentally ill....for now.  And why disabilities?  With terminal illnesses, death is coming regardless, and the only question is how soon it arrives.  But remember how many categories of "disabilities" there are now days, none of which a terminal.  Type II diabetes is one of them, and when I was hospitalized with hypertensive urgency five years ago, they insisted I had it (they were wrong, of course).  Criminy, if I did, wouldn't it have made more sense for me to sign up for SSI than it would to have myself snuffed?

The law applies only to Canadians and residents in the country, preventing foreigners from travelling there for euthanasia.

....for now.

The law, to be voted on by June, is expected to pass as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals have a majority in Parliament.

No doubt.

The Supreme Court of Canada overturned a ban on [euthanasia] last year, saying willing adults facing intolerable physical or psychological suffering from a severe and incurable medical condition had the right to die.

Of course, they did.  Because eroding the foundations of society is the job of Supreme Courts these days.  I'm going to go out on a limb and surmise that there is no "right to die" enumerated in the Canadian Constitution, or the SCOC wouldn't have had to "penumbra" one.

One question, though: If this legislation requires potential snuffees to submit a written request, with a fifteen-day waiting period, and "psychological suffering" is one of the criteria, doesn't that bring into question whether the potential snuffee is in full possession of their mental faculties in order to make a completely informed and rational decision?  Wouldn't they be highly vulnerable to suggestion, even urgings, that they let Dr. Grim Reaper do his grisly work?  The patient would already be helpless and defenseless physically, after all.

Here's your slippery slope punchline:

Some right-to-die advocates criticized the draft law as being too narrow and experts said it could face a court challenge.

The depopulation of Canada has begun, ladies and gentlemen.

And by the way, if you think the SCOTUS is powerful, get a load of this:

The Supreme Court gave the new government extra time to pass legislation, adding Canada to the handful of Western countries that allow the practice.

Or else what?  They'd have just imposed it themselves?  Are there any free, sane countries left on this continent anymore?  Because is sure doesn't sound like it.

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