Tuesday, April 12, 2016


By Allan McNew

As California Governor Jerry Brown knotted his tie the morning after he signed the new California minimum wage bill, he smiled at his mirror image and said to his other self “you are a wonderful, wonderful man”. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and California Senate Grand
Poohbah Kevin de Leon, after a long, celebratory night of enthusiastic Eskimo nose rubbing, also told each other “you are a wonderful, wonderful man”.

That's how they do things in Sacramento one party politics.

Moving on…

They were full of self congratulation upon passing the minimum wage bill, maybe because they genuinely believed it improved the low wage situation they themselves had created through their incomprehensible legislation, maybe because they cynically thought about all the votes they believed it would drag out, or maybe they really do have a goal of making the middle and lower classes more equally impoverished. However, they should have asked themselves a few obvious questions:

Why is it, since ranchers are losing something like $200.00 on every beef they send to the slaughterhouse, that select grade chuck roast is going for $5.00 a pound in my Jimmy Carter economy community?

Why is whole chicken selling for almost twice the price it was two years ago?

Where does food REALLY come from? BEFORE it gets on the supermarket shelf?

Why is a high speed train to nowhere more important than providing water in time of drought?

Why does California have among the, if not THE, highest energy costs in the nation?

Why are businesses leaving California like theater goers flee the show after the stage has been firebombed?

Why does California have more than 1/3 of the national welfare burden?

Is it really possible to roll out the red carpet to anyone and everyone who can make it here from anywhere in the world and still have conditions to support a “living wage”?

How do old people on a fixed income survive the inflation created by raising the minimum wage rather than lowering consumer costs?​

Why is it so important for Governor Jerry Brown to dismantle what his father, the late Governor “Pat” Brown (D), built?

Why is public education in California in the toilet when it was the premier example of education during the 1960's?

What is the point of critical mass concerning "revenue" (taxes) and "investment" (government spending) in a place like what California has become contrasted with what it was in 1964?

Could it have anything to do with California being the poster child for progressive-Democratic-socialist/fascist agenda?

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