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Canada's Native Indians, Lesions, and Trudeau's Denial

By Anita in Canada

Kashechewan children's skin lesions not caused by water ...

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott says an outbreak of skin lesions among children at Kashechewan First Nation in northern Ontario is not the result of the water ...

Canada's fearless leader, Trudeau, has asked all the media to not show these pictures anymore.  I hope it goes around the world.  The people at the reserve asked for help a couple of months ago and were denied. Did the Canadian Government ignore them because they live in remote northern Ontario?  And because they are Indians?

Admittedly, working with Native Indians can be a double edged sword.
Have you seen the pictures of those poor native children with sores all over.

Apparently it wasn't acted on by the Canadian government jerks until someone at the reserve went onto Facebook.  Good for him. Hope he puts pictures up every day.

It never should have come to this.

But then, they aren't a protected class like Muslims, or evil like Trudeau. They are not among Trudeau's chosen ones.

Many people are thinking the affliction is impetigo. Could be. Could be hoof and mouth. Might be something else. If it was impetigo the kids would be scratching it cause they don't know any better, they would loose weight, they would cry a lot, no appetite. So I don't think it is impetigo. Could be something from the wild dogs. Could be bad water although the Feds say it is not. Can't believe the Feds. Could be bad vaccines administered to the kids.

Feds should build them a new town maybe 5 miles over. To get rid of the mold and crap. Wouldn't cost that much. Although the lying Feds say it would cost a fortune. Does not cost that much to lay new sewer, water and gas lines for a whole subdivision. On the reserve the homes are all built helter-skelter. You can't have proper underground utilities or water in a situation like that.

I co-authored a book on Native Alberta Indians in 1982. The parents of those kids ONLY wanted them learning Indian language skills, feathers, weaving, inking, pow wow dancing, NO math, no reading , no writing, none of that stuff. Back then their attitude was screw the Alberta Education Teachers.  The Alberta Province sent them to learn the Alberta Education syllabus.

But does Trudeau believe that - NO. Does any other Canadian believe that. Probably not. The only reason I know all this stuff is cause I co-authored that book. Authorship given to Dr Garnett Birch a world traveler and Professor. It is the parent's fault these kids are not brought into the 21st century. Most kids will not get up for school in the winter. In our search, we found that the attendance rate for school in the winter went as low as 2%, two percent on the reserves. Why?  In their world, the sun isn't up yet so they aren't getting out of bed.!!! There is also a big problem with incest on reserves. Also - the wild dogs they treat as sacred usually have many diseases.

One of the things the Federal government could do, but refuses to do, is provide a bus that travels to the nearest large centre so that the Natives can be seen by a doctor or dentist. A shame our governments won't do that. It would be an all day trip, and I know the natives do not like to get up early, but it would be a good investment in their health. Money well spent.

I do know that once upon a time a Health Nurse would go to the Native reserve outside our city and test all the children for Tuberculosis. Then some high and mighty abusive chief put a stop to that. We do not know how many natives are now spreading Tuberculosis all over our city/province because they think their ways are "superior" to ours.

This journalist has done a very good job on facts and figures.

This is a follow up to my story about how the natives only want their kids to learn war paint, feathers, pow wow, dancing, beading, hunting, etc. on their reserves. They do not want to learn the ABC's. And money wise - they get more money spent on them than the regular Canadian. Yet they want MORE, MORE, MORE money.

To be fair, I also know that lawyers are partly responsible for all these UNLAWFUL law suits and stupid theories the Natives bring against the Canadian Govt. and Canadian peoples. More money for the Lawyers. The lawyers retained by the Natives are extremely rich. Paid for by me and you. I am not against the Natives, but I am against all their political buls***. I am against all their alcohol abuse, their massive drug use, their unsanitary ways, their make believe ENTITLEMENT. I say take them off the reserves and bring them into the real world. Many of them are totally normal contributing members of society if taken off the reserves. It is their old world superstitions (and lawyers) and belief values that keep them in their own prison. If they don't like the white man's ways, take away their TV reception, take away their radio reception, let them live in their pre historic society.

Harper tried to make things equal for the people that lived on the reserves. Most of their chiefs were extremely crooked and did not administer the money honestly, with many of their citizens starving. So Harper brought in a law that all Reserves had to report their income and spending. Now Turdeau has reversed that so that the Chiefs can return to being the big crooks they were. Pathetic.


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Editor's Note: Perhaps the Federal Government can't afford to care for these children and people because they are pumping so much of their monetary resources into centralized medicine. . . of which, it seems, the natives haven't had access to.

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