Saturday, April 23, 2016

Canadian Muslim Rapist

By Anita from Canada

This muzzie migrant from Calgary goes to Lethbridge and sexually assaults 3 women in a swimming pool.  CBC refuses to say he is a migrant.  Plus the judge gives him only a $1,000 bail.

If he is a migrant where does he get the money to travel to Lethbridge.
Where does he get the money to stay in a hotel.
Where does he get the money to post $1,000 bail.

This stinks to high heaven.
Turdeau is giving them far too much money.
Turdeau wants to change Canada the same way Obama has changed USA.
And he is doing it in warp speed time compared to Obama.

This smells as bad as Germany.
Turdeau and the press stick up for the muzzie sub humans, rapists, killers, liars, jihadists, beheaders.
And ignore the safety of our own citizens.

Also smells as bad as the Halifax muzzie migrant school boys choking and slapping Canadian white girls and boys. Apparently this muzzie bullying of school kids goes on every day at the Halifax school. Principal and school board refuse to do anything about it.
That was covered up in the media as well.
Until the Rebel did some serious digging.

They say Edmonton has had muzzie migrant rapes covered up as well.
I guess it has been going on in EVERY city, and the press, police, Turdeau's pals, are all covering up what the muzzie migrants are doing to Canadians.

Canada we are in big trouble.
All of you who voted for Turdeau, maybe you should go live with the muzzies. Cause you are not wanted here anymore. You are traitors to Canada and your fellow Canadians and your family.

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