Friday, April 15, 2016


By Allan McNew

Not too long ago I was engaged in some bored channel surfing and stopped
on a show which features interviews of musicians who might play a little
guitar on the show and such. I found myself wondering “who's that
hairless old guy hammering out old Peter Frampton riffs?”. Turns out it
was Peter Frampton.

During the early '70's, I never would have thought I'd ever see a woman
in her 70s disco dancing to the Bee Gees blaring out of a jukebox. A few
months ago I saw several of those doing just that. Unlike the '70's,
there were only older women out on the floor, no men of any age.

Keith Richards, defying all odds, perpetually lives on, claiming his
lingerie collection grows larger every year. One wonders how much of the
newer offerings have ballooned into granny panties, but some of those
much younger than I surprise me with their music selections. A woman
once remarked that a man has to either to be a musician, have a lot of
money or extraordinarily good looking to drag in a parade of women, to
which I replied, “I suppose that explains the band Rush”. Or, more to
the point, Keith Richards himself with two out of three requirements.

Bernie Sanders probably has some sort of basement man cave, which reeks
of incense and is decked out with tacky faux Hindu decor, black light
art, lava lamp, lightning globe, a bean bag chair, in which he listens
to old 45 singles of songs like “Ohio”, “Back in the USSR” and maybe
some Frank Zappa offerings, while wearing love beads, sandals, Jimi
Hendrix bandana, a baggy pull over shirt covered with flower print and
sucking on a Cheech and Chong style bomber joint. One might wonder if
Sanders ever gets tangled up in the “seashells on strings" curtain in
the doorway on with that bent over, arm swinging, great ape gait he's
got going on.

On campus, the former inmates are now administering the asylum.
Occupying campus buildings while very unwashed and shouting communist
slogans then, they are now professors and administrators who primarily
teach gullible kids how to be perpetually offended at anything and
everything real, imagined or contrived in society while the kids pay for
lavish academic retirements as well as bloated administrative salaries,
at 8% interest for twenty to forty years. It is so ironic that those
professors, while ranting about American running dog capitalists, have
the kids over a barrel and force them to buy their wildly overpriced
books, as many as four to a semester class, books which are duplicative
in nature by largely being reworked blather which largely cites their
earlier copyrighted blather which the kids previously had to buy for
classes leading up to the present class. Nothing could be more running
dog capitalist gouging of the proletariat than what higher education
academia do to their students. One would think they took to heart the
Gilded Age robber baron quote "Capitalism is about turning luxuries into
necessities" and employed the principle in their campus business model
with all sorts of parallel dimension "studies" classes which have
nothing to do with eventually making money in anything other than
grievance hustles.

Then there's LBJ and Barack Obama. LBJ was forced to choose between a
war and his Great Society program. He choose to merely not lose the war
while embarking on domestic social engineering. Obama has set on a path
to fundamentally change America while pretending that Islamic terrorists
haven't declared war on us. LBJ was an unparalleled master at steering
legislation through Congress, Obama has no use for Congress except as a
rubber stamp of his will. There were no Soviet aircraft which dared to
buzz our ships nor any mullahs who kicked sand on LBJ in 1964. To
contrast, Obama sucks up to hostile countries and their leaders who
repeatedly spit in his face while spurning our realpolitik allies in bad
neighborhoods of the world. There is no consequence for bad
international behavior which negatively affects us.

The Republican party is still about where it was in 1972 in terms of
dazed and confused, except that much of the Main Street part of the
party are nearly in full revolt. And, for many of the same reasons
seeking other solutions, Bernie Sanders' followers are giving DNC Debbie
Wasserman Schultz and her pick of Hillary Clinton a tamer version of the
proverbial 1968 Democratic Convention treatment that spent itself in the

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Editor's Note: I feel like breaking into song.  "Let's do the time warp again."

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