Sunday, April 03, 2016


By Allan McNew

Some believe that that the United States is an evil country which is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the world since its inception, and then some. That includes present international theocratic terrorism.

We can blame all sorts of people throughout the centuries for this turmoil: the European ruling elite for the destruction of their own cultures and national cohesions by allowing immigrants and refugees in without reasonable and rational restriction; Obama channeling and exceeding Lyndon Johnson's and Robert McNamara's notion of containing rather than defeating an enemy; Obama throwing away victory by withdrawing the troops before there was full stability in Iraq and teetering on the same in Afghanistan; Obama sucking up to tyrants and despots while gleefully pissing on the faces of our realpolitik allies; Obama weakening his own nation in every conceivable manner; Obama trashing his own nation to leaders of other nations on the “apology tour”.

Many of us believed we could nation-build democracy where local culture and societal division doesn't support it; GW Bush went into Afghanistan and Iraq; the Taliban gave Bin Ladin safe haven in Afghanistan; Bin Ladin and his various Al Qaida plots to harm Americans and American interests, including the twin towers on 9-11; Saddam Hussein ordering and bankrolling an assassination attempt on GHW Bush, which came within a hair's breadth of being successfully carried out in one of the Gulf countries – which son GW Bush never forgot; GHW Bush kicking Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait; GHW Bush putting American troops on Saudi soil and Saudi Wahhabist Bin Laden not liking it; Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait.

Bill Clinton not dealing with Bin Laden when it was clear that Bin Laden meant us harm and it would have been easy to eliminate him before his fundamentalist terroristic form of cancer spread.

The US for giving material aid to Islamic fighters against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, fighters which later became the Taliban, Al Qaida and ISIS; the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan; decades of Soviet expansionist aggression fueling the cold war; the fundamentalist Shiite Ayatollah Khomeini, his successors and their legacy of lunatic shenanigans; Jimmy Carter's insistence on beating down realpolitik allies in the middle east while not understanding the enemies he cluelessly aided and abetted; Jimmy Carter's weakness and incompetence as any sort of leader; European yahoos remotely and randomly drawing lines that looked good to them on the map to represent borders of countries in the middle east after the break up of the Ottoman Empire without regard to Sunni or Shia.

Sunni Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, founder of fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam and the House of Saud for sheltering it; and all the way back to the fight over the succession of Mohamed shortly after his death, which resulted in the never ending war between Sunni and Shia; Mohamed forbidding the economic model of Arabian peninsula tribes, that of raiding each other to build nomadic wealth, which soon exploded out of the Arabian deserts as Jihad with temporal gain co-equal to spreading Islam.

That was not greatly unlike what is termed the last crusade, the theocratic Spanish and Portuguese expansion to the New World in the name of God and gold, where treason and heresy were one and the same, particularly with the Spanish crown. Although it is a complex narrative of Islamic conquest and Christian Reconquista which defies simple, one-size-fits-all theory of peninsular history, the post Islamic Iberians may have gotten many of their theocratic notions from 700 years of Islamic domination.

Despite all of those Muslims around the world who may truly be peaceful, the turmoil from Morocco to Indonesia, from Norway to Sub-Saharan Africa has an Islamic face on it. For contrast, I have yet to hear of fundamentalist Amish terrorists killing anyone in the name of God.

While we should support and stand with Belgium and France in their terrorist troubles, the truth is that the leadership of those countries, as well as the European Union at large, failed their citizenry by
believing the world would be a much better place if the “global community” would only channel rainbows and unicorns while singing John Lennon's progressive world anthem “Imagine”.

The progressive-democratic-socialist/fascists in the United States and their counterparts in Canada are on the same track to national self destruction as Europe has already traversed.

Thus, ISIS in Bruxelles.

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