Friday, April 08, 2016

Nikki Haley Telegraphs Veto Of South Carolina "No Perverts In The Bathroom" Bill

by JASmius

It should pass. I'm not entirely confident that Governor Nikki Haley won't veto it along Nathan Deal lines, but then I figured Pat McCrory would veto his State's bathroom protection bill (three more words you never imagined would ever be used in such close proximity), and he surprised me, so optimism might be warranted.

- Me, yesterday

Let that be a lesson to me: Never doubt my cynical instincts:

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley spoke out against a bill that would [protect women and children] by requiring transgender people to use bathrooms matching th[eir actual gender], according to the Post and Courier.

"While other States are having this battle, this is not a battle that we have seen is needed in South Carolina," said Haley.

How so?  Why not?  This madness is going on from coast to coast, Governor.  You have no control over it anywhere else, but you can reassert common sense, common decency, and sanity in the Palmetto State.  What makes you think your stronghold is immune?

The bill, filed by Republican Senator Lee Bright on Wednesday, said the law is about "public safety, unrelated to differing bills and laws in other States concerning religious liberty," reports the Post and Courier.

In other words, federalism.   Other States can deal with sexual confusion and mental illness threatening public safety as they choose and see fit, but in South Carolina, by God, we are not going to "lie back and enjoy it".

Evidently Governor Haley is the path of least resistance.

"South Carolina is doing really well when it comes to respect and when it comes to kindness and when it comes to acceptance," Haley said, according to the State. "For people to imply it's not, I beg to differ."

Who's she talking to with THAT comment?  Sounds like the SJWs decrying and ritualistically, and, yes, moralistically, crucifying her State over this bill that is the best example I've ever seen of the "political immune system" metaphor.  Senator Bright's measure is like a big, fat white blood cell moving to "curb" a cultural contagion - not stamp it out, just keep it from spreading any further.  And that is an affront to "respect, kindness, and acceptance", Governor?  The hell you say.

The question to be asked is why must the rest of us "respect and accept" morally abhorrent psychoses?  Let's reset the table and reiterate that gender cannot be changed.  A person is either male or female, and X and Y chromosome or two X's.  That's it.  Period.  And if they "identify" with the sex they're not, then that is by definition a mental illness, a psychological malady that needs curing and therapy, not a "reality" that merits "respect" or a "civil right" that deserves "acceptance".  Telling the rest of us that we must accept transvestite men relieving themselves in women's bathrooms is like kidnapping atheists and dragging them to Christian Bible studies.  It's forcing one group's values down the throats of everybody else against their will.  And that is tyrannical and totally unacceptable.

If an adult man wants to pretend his name is "Caitlyn" and walk around in drag and chemically and surgically mutilate himself (or vice versa), he is free to do so.  But that does NOT make him a "woman".  And it ought not obligate anybody else to recognize it, respect it, or participate in it, same as Christian clergy and businesses should not be forced to "service" sodoweddings.  The rest of us are entitled to our own views on such things and should not have to stand for our wives and daughters being put in physical jeopardy by a parade of freaks conga-lining through rest and lockerrooms in which any number of sexual predators could and would be secreted.

That is the purpose of the Bright bill, Governor.  And you should damn well sign it when it reaches your desk.

But I'm guessing last year's confederate battle flag uproar broke Nikki Haley, and now she has no stomach for any more engagements in the culture war.  In which case, what good is she?

Howlingly ironic exit quote from Democrat State Senator Marlon Kimpson: "I can't imagine a more ridiculous bill., [which] calls for a 'genitalia patrol' to check birth certificates at bathroom doors."

Well, if that's what it takes, Marlon....

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