Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pay For Play? Trump Campaign Paid Breitbart Editor For "Consulting Services" In 2015

by JASmius

Andrew Breitbart wept:

Donald Trump's campaign paid a Breitbart News national security editor $8,000 for "consulting services" last year, according to federal election records.

So Trump Pravda is a pathetically cheap date, it would seem.

Sebastian Gorka received the payment in October, Buzzfeed News reports. The article cited Federal Election Commission filings.

Despite his title, Gorka hasn't actually worked at Brietbart in a traditional editor's role since 2014, Politico reports.


Gorka hasn't written for the site since December, two sources told the site.

Or AFTER he accepted the Trump payoff.

One of the sources told Politico that Gorka's position was of an "honorary title" that allows Breitbart to boast of having a top name on staff.

And that, of course, eliminates any degree of perceived separation between Gorka and Trump Pravda, the latter of which is far more than just a perception.

It would have been far more honest and above-board - and what any reputable journalist and media outlet would have done - for Gorka to formally and publicly separate himself from Breitbart News first and then do that consulting, or even join the Trump campaign as a national security policy adviser.  One could still have questioned his sanity and philosophical leanings, but not his, or BN's, journalistic integrity.  By his actual actions, both they and Gorka have amply demonstrated that they have none.

Did Trump buy Breitbart News for eight grand?  No; that sum was more along the lines of "play for pay," as BN was a gerbil in Trump's alimentary canal long before that transaction took place.  The latter is simply flaunting confirmation of what ex-Breitbart Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro accurately described as the betrayal of its founder's legacy:

Andrew built his life and his career on one mission: fight the bullies. But Andrew’s life mission has been betrayed. Indeed, Breitbart News, under the chairmanship of Steve Bannon, has put a stake through the heart of Andrew’s legacy. In my opinion, Steve Bannon is a bully, and has sold out Andrew’s mission in order to back another bully, Donald Trump; he has shaped the company into Trump’s personal Pravda....Breitbart News has become precisely the reverse of what Andrew would have wanted."

Sounds like young Mr. Shapiro's memory is razor-sharp, if you ask me....

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