Monday, April 04, 2016

Planned Parenthood Rips Hillary Clinton For Being Too Pro-Life

by JASmius

Remember the Ugly Dutchess's attempt to either get or stay to Bernie Sanders' left on abortion over the weekend by declaring that "unborn children have no constitutional rights"?  Evidently she stepped on another rake by using the term "children" instead of "unviable tissue mass," and The March Of Death ("A fighting chance to kill every baby") is very unhappy with her:

A member of Planned Parenthood's advocacy arm called out Hillary Clinton after the Democrat candidate for president humanized fetuses by calling them an "unborn person" and a "child." [emphasis added]

"Humanized fetuses".  The entire human genome has been mapped, there's never been a single instance in thousands of years of countless billions of births of a man and a woman conceiving a kangaroo, and this purblind, bloodthirsty ball-buster actually objects to "fetuses" being described in accordance to their genetic heritage, as if they were some sort of "enemy".

I wish I was hyperbolizing, I really do.

After the interview aired, Diana Arellano of Planned Parenthood Illinois Action tweeted her reactions to [Mrs.] Clinton's word choice.

.@HillaryClinton further stigmatizes . She calls a fetus an 'unborn child' & calls for later term restrictions.

Not to mention her condescending comment abt feeling sorry for young people bc we apparently don't do our research 

Here's how far off the cliff the Obamunist Left has plummeted, dear readers; Hillary Clinton was trying to provide the most leftwingnut assurance and championing she could think of on Press The Meat yesterday, and she still wound up triangulating instead.  The Left has gotten too radical and extremist for Hillary Clinton to keep up with it.  And it isn't that she's lost any speed off her fastball, because she was a junk pitcher to begin with.

File this in the "signs of the Apocalypse" file, because I honestly don't know where else to categorize this.

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