Sunday, April 17, 2016

Showing Absurdity with Absurdity


Special to the Political Pistachio

By Independent Correspondent Marvin J. Finklewitz, Jr.

There is turmoil this week in Washington after the recent posting of a You Tube video last Monday of President Obama and David Duke silently walking past one another in the autumn of 2012. Reliable sources within the NAACP said the organization is planning a million man protest in front of the White House denouncing the President for being a racist, and that he should step down from the Presidency. NAACP spokesperson Rachel Dolezell would neither confirm nor deny the report.

Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi called an off site
emergency conference for select Democratic lawmakers to formulate damage

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the President didn't
recognize Duke because he was blinded by the reflection of the high noon
sun off of raindrops during a torrential downpour that day. Earnest
wouldn't comment further.

There were crowded safe zones in universities across the nation where
faculty and students lamented in solidarity against the racist hate
speech violence that was evident in the President's actions on that day
almost four years ago.

“It hit me in the gut, the betrayal of which this President is capable
of. What racist misogyny!” said Pooh State Sophomore Shirley Poundergash
Tuesday morning.

This reporter approached a red headed, female faculty member, who
shrieked “What the hell are you doing here?”. Then, turning to the
crowd, which was obviously overcome with distraught emotion, she yelled
“Get them!!!!”

The crowd advanced, some yelling “Show some tolerance, you racists!”
while others shouted “Take your white privilege elsewhere!” We ran. They
chased. We ran faster. 

Later that day, Hillary Clinton gave a short press statement on the
steps of Chicago City Hall lambasting the President for his latent
racism while Mayor Rahm Emanuel vigorously nodded his head in agreement.
The crowd drowned out her words, chanting “Black lives matter! Black
lives matter!”

The news conference broke up when, in a case of mistaken identity, there
was a drive by fusillade of indiscriminate gunfire into the crowd, which
resulted in the crowd storming and burning down a nearby police station
while Clinton quick stepped it to safety in the Senator Robert Byrd (D)
Race Relations Conference Hall.

Wednesday morning Duke sent out a press release endorsing Hillary

Allan McNew.

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