Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump-Boehner '16?

by JASmius

Sure, TrusTed is probably being tongue-in-cheek with this counter-shot.  But I can so totally so this happening.  It would be so Trumpy in any number of ways.  First, it would be an ultimate symbol of his conquest and hostile takeover of the Republican Party to break one of the pillars of its long-term "establishment" into being his caddy, especially since it wouldn't take much breaking.  Second, it might kinda-sorta help by perhaps maybe putting Ohio a little closer to being in play (not really, but work with me here). although it would be more like creating the appearance of a gesture toward that end, since Boehner has never run for Statewide office in Ohio and besides, John Kasich, by making his quid pro quo deal with Ted Cruz this week, might have made an enemy of the notorious grudge-holding Trump.  Third, it would constitute the biggest taunt yet of his mindless drone fans to stick them with what may be their public enemy number one as his wingman, which they would all proclaim to be "genius" on cue, like trained seals.  And, of course, it would double-dog-dare stick it to Senator Cruz to make the man who called him the devil as Trump's running mate.

As for Boehner, what would he have to lose?  He's already a Trump ass-kisser, most of the party now hates him anyway, and if the ticket were to somehow win, he'd be back in Washington without any of the headaches of the Speakership, and it would doubly-stick it to whatever true conservative/Tea Partiers survived the Trump cataclysm.  Plus, since a President Trump would be looking to make deals with Democrats - why would he want to deal with congressional Republican leaders, since (1) he'd already have taken over the GOP and they would, in his mind, be his loser subordinate lackeys anyway, and (2) he's a not-so-closet Democrat anyway - he could delegate the details to Boehner, who has all the direct experience at it that he doesn't, other than buying them wholesale.  You could call it "Boehner's Revenge".

You'd think that this would be the sort of thing that Trump would keep under wraps until after he had the nomination clinched, just in case it did anger his base.  But discretion and playing it safe are not in the man's DNA.  Which is why Cruz goading him to do it is good strategy, as well as comedy gold:

Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Friday that he wondered whether former House Speaker John Boehner “was auditioning to be Donald Trump’s vice president” when Boehner praised Trump and savaged Cruz during a public appearance this week.

“Donald Trump is attempting to perpetuate one of the greatest frauds in the history of modern elections, which is he is trying to convince people that he’s some sort of outsider,” Cruz told host John Dickerson during an interview taped for Sunday’s broadcast. “Donald is the essence of the Washington insider. He has been enmeshed in the corruption in Washington.”

“One of the things that illustrated that powerfully this week was when John Boehner went out of his way to attack me, to call me the devil,” Cruz continued. “And then he praised two people. John Boehner praised Hillary Clinton, and he praised Donald Trump. He said Donald was his friend, was his golfing and texting buddy.” [emphasis added]

There again we have the Trump-Hillary dots connected, this time by the ultimate "establishmentarian" who may well be trying to become Trump's trophy veep.  What do we have to do for Trumplicans and benefit-of-the-doubt-givers, draw you people a bleeping "in cahoots" map?

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