Friday, April 08, 2016


By Allan McNew

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly gave Trump a little taste of what he could expect further down the election road during an early Fox News Republican Debate, which jacked his jaw to the point of refusing to participate in debates where Kelly is empaneled as a moderator. After Matthews worked him over the other day, Trump may have preferred Kelly.

Trump has made himself available to nearly anyone and everyone, which has mostly helped his candidacy. However, he, or one of his advisers, should have been aware that Matthews is an attack dog and his modus operandi concerning anyone not 100% into his ideology is a beat down.

So, Matthews knocked Trump off balance and pinned him to the mat with a gotcha abortion question, and Trump has been on endless loop replay ever since with nearly all the media magpies making noise about it.

No one should elect to be interviewed by Matthews, it's like daring him to give his best shot at kicking the interviewee in the nuts while standing in front of Matthews with legs splayed and eyes closed. You're going to get it, and it's going to hurt.

However, being caught out with a question like that someone in that situation might have done better with this:

Matthews: "Should there be punishment for abortion?"

Other: "Whats the law?"

Matthews: "It's a yes or no answer"

Other: "What does the Constitution say about the President's

Matthews (crowding into the other's space): "It's a yes or no answer"

Other: "The Constitution says that Congress makes the law and the President faithfully sees that the law is executed. I came here for an interview, not to be bushwacked."

Other terminates the interview.

As a note to the issue, without endorsing either side:

Whenever a pregnant woman dies through a malicious or negligent act, prosecutors often, if not universally, file two murder charges against the defendant. The pro abortion lobby appears to take the stand that life does not begin until birth.

This wasn't the issue it is today when two parent families and long departed cultural values were the norm.

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