Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Climate Hustle Vindicates

By Douglas V. Gibbs

On May 2 at 7:00 pm I awaited the start of a film called "Climate Hustle" at my local theater.  The nationwide showing was limited to one night, and surely the funding from the box office will be used to make sure the film gets out to all of you on DVD soon.  My wife, who is rarely interested in political topics, sat next to me.  Friends and supporters of my constitutional efforts sat around me.  I proudly wore my "Rightwing Extremist" ball cap, and a shirt with "We the People" proudly blazoned on my chest.

The documentary Climate Hustle was, in short, phenomenally done.

We know about the Climate Change faithful, the dogmatic zealots who swear that not only has mankind placed this planet in danger because of our spewing of carbon dioxide, but that the end is near if we don't stop using oil and electricity and whatever else they claim is dangerous and should be controlled by the government.  The man-made Climate Change movement comes across as some religious cult, and we have been told the science is settled, so there is no sense in arguing against the dogmatism of man-made Climate Change.  And if you dare argue against them, you should be silenced.  Punished.  Prosecuted.  Jailed.  Or, made to agree through reeducation.  You must agree with the established religion, or you will be punished.  I am waiting for the goosestep of black boots and the ruffling of brown shirts any moment, now.

If the Climate Change alarmists are so right as they claim, why are the supporters of the leftist climate deception working so hard to conceal the facts?

The film, Climate Hustle, premiered in Paris last December during the United Nations Climate Change Summit.  On Monday Night, it was viewed in hundreds of theaters around America. The documentary challenges the global-warming hysteria being peddled by the leftists of the world.  The film challenges the "settled science" by providing facts that say otherwise.  It slams the man-made Climate Change inaccurate beliefs that leftists around the world believe to be true.  The film picks apart the error-riddled propaganda film Al Gore pushed, An Inconvenient Truth.  Climate Hustle shines a bright light on the falsehoods being peddled by the liberal left.  It exposes the misleading propaganda. 

The host of the film is Marc Morano, the guy behind the Climate Depot site.  He expertly examines the issue, and the film even gives the Climate Change hustlers the opportunity to tell you what they have to say through clips and interviews.  Through it all, however, what works its way to the surface is that the climate hysteria propagators are involved in blatant, demonstrable deception. 

As informed individuals we recognize the ridiculous track record of the climate alarmists.  We have swung from fears of a man-made ice age, to man-made global warming, and back and forth again many times.  During the film a letter by Thomas Jefferson is even read regarding concerns over changing weather.  It has gotten so out of whack, with the change between cooling and warming, that they finally just changed the name altogether to "Climate Change."  That way, it doesn't matter if it warms or cools. . . every weather event is to blame for "Climate Change."

Long before man's age of industry, looking back at our long history on this planet, we have truly seen that it is true that climate changes. . . but it does it through natural cycles based on many more factors than merely carbon dioxide - and when it comes to carbon dioxide, as the film points out, it is being scientifically determined that the rise in carbon dioxide levels does not cause warming, but that warming drives up the levels of carbon dioxide.

Included in the film are scientists who don't agree with the "science by consensus" the liberal left claims to have.  The documentary discusses the bogus climate change models, the ridiculous notion that man-made Climate Change is supported by 97% of the scientific community, and the lack of current understanding when it comes to our unfathomably complex climate system.

Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, former chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania; award-winning climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, who chaired the School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology; Climate Statistics Professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter of American University; and Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer, a former senior NASA climate scientist who now leads a climate research group at the University of Alabama in Huntsville are among the scientists who say, "Man-made Climate Change is a sham."  We are being hustled.  Interestingly enough, many of them are liberal left politically. . . but they have recognized the errors being presented by the Climate Change alarmists.

At one point in the film the Climate Change religion is compared to witchcraft trials of early America and in Europe that occurred centuries ago.  Those who denied that someone was a witch might as well be a witch themselves.  Reason was not considered.  The demands of the ruling establishment ruled the day.

Climate alarmism also peeks even deeper into history than our present situation.  The Aztecs committed blood sacrifices to end drought, including the sacrifice of thousands of people in a few weeks to appease the angry climate gods.  Are today's climate alarmists willing to sacrifice millions of innocent people, condemned to energy famine and thus perpetual poverty by “climate action,” in order to protect their Climate Change religion?

Man-Made Climate Change is a Climate Hustle using sleight of hand and other tools of deception to use the hysteria for political purposes, and ultimately political control.  Morano said, at one point, “The United Nations is essentially taking away free choices of sovereign states.”

The vision of the United Nations and the leftists who support the concept of man-made Climate Change is that the masses are “controlled by a small governing elite, which they call global governance, telling them how to live their lives.”  International wealth redistribution is what it is all about.  You've heard of the Redistribution of Wealth, right?  The concept was touted by the founder of communism, Karl Marx.

The Climate Hustle is a plan to instill central planning through energy restrictions.  It would empower non-government regional organizations, unelected and unaccountable entities, to govern humanity.

At the end of the film the audience was also treated to a panel discussion that occurred right after the film was viewed in Washington, D.C. by some of our legislators. The panel included Alaska's ninth Governor Sarah Palin, MRC's Brent Bozell, climatologist Dr. David Legates and clips from an interview host Morano conducted with man-made Climate Change supporter Bill Nye the Science Guy.

When the film ended, the filled to capacity theater clapped and cheered.  The truth is out there, and the truth will set us free. . . if only we would be willing to seek it.

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