Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cliven Bundy Suing, Not Nullifying, The Obama BLM Onslaught

by JASmius

"....Tea Party patriots in shocked mourning":

Rebellious western rancher Cliven Bundy is reportedly filing a lawsuit against Barack Obama and Nevada officials in an effort to get charges dismissed in his armed standoff over grazing fees on federal lands.

The Hill reports the lawsuit is expected to be filed Tuesday against the president, Senate Minority Leader Harry [G]Reid, the Nevada Democrat's son, former Clark County Commission's head Rory Reid and U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro.

According to the Hill, Bundy alleges the officials violated his constitutional rights, and asks the court to dismiss his indictment and release him from solitary confinement. A detention hearing was set for Bundy in Las Vegas.

Well, his sons and friends tried the romanticist, "Prairie Rebellion," "range war uprising" gambit, and all wound up in the hoosegow for their troubles - or, in Robert LaVoy Finicum's case, at room temperature.  So why not try the legal route that worked for Andy Johnson and his family?  Especially since it's the only option he has left.

Because the defendants in his suit did violate Bundy's constitutional rights, and a long time before he was opportunistically taken into custody in Portland, Oregon, after the Second Battle of Bundy Hill.  I just hope that he did his judge-shopping due diligence, and fully realizes that even if he draws a sympathetic judge, the foolish actions of his sons and their allies have discredited him by association in the eyes of pretty much everybody but, and alongside, the militia movement.

As I always say, yes, "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!", but do so intelligently, realizing that the battleground isn't snowy back roads in southeastern Oregon, or Western rangelands, but the court of public opinion, which is the one that truly matters.  Bundy did that two years ago in the First Battle of Bundy Hill.  The "Oregon Occupation" forfeited that moral high ground.

I hope Clive Bundy can regain it.   But that's not the way to bet.

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