Saturday, May 28, 2016

Conservative Voice Radio: Adjustments

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As America adjusts to a Presidential Race where a very unconventional candidate like Donald Trump becomes the leader of the pack, the following is also in the news:

· Conflicting Reports about Egypt Flight 804 which crashed in the Mediterranean.  Was it terrorism?  Donald Trump says it was.

· 11 Anti-Gun Bills Are Moving Through the State Legislature in Sacramento.

· Beaumont Indictments for Embezzlement by seven former top city officials.

· Who should we vote for?  We'll talk a little about the upcoming primary election in California.

· ISIS is using Nitric Acid to fuel its jihad, as the terrorist organization continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq.

· First Amendment Defense Act: U.S. Congress gets involved in the Bathroom Debate.

· Was the Bundy Ranch Showdown about more than grazing land?  One suggestion indicates it could have been all about Uranium!

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