Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cost of the Invaders

By Anita in Canada

At 8:01 in the above video we are able to see what the costs of Islamic invaders posing as refugees and migrants are and how they are trying to destabilize the world wide monetary system.

The wives are left behind. Not a word about them. This is all fishy.

Why is the West accepting Jihad age men who say they left their wives behind?

Among the horde of migrants immigrating into Europe and North America are crime producers, rapists, and torturers of girls and boys - and they demand more and more money and cars, etc.

Within the Migrant Camps are caches of rifles and grenades. These weapons have been used already, but police are too fearful to go into their compounds, and in fact are not allowed to go into their compounds, to see if these instruments of war are inside the camps.  The refugees, because of a blind leftist willingness to support them, are free to do whatever they want.

In Sweden, alone, as a result of Muslim infiltration in the name of migration, the occurrence of rapes in that country has increased by 1,470%!

There have been reports out of Europe that high school girls have to do all the invaders cleaning and laundry.  Some girls have left school. It is not safe for them to walk to school because the invaders have free roam of the city. They also kidnap the little children for their rapes. Sick.

Merkel in Germany gives them free reign to do anything they want and more and more money to boot. For booze, drugs, grenades, etc. Then there are the cars they have stolen and it is impossible for the citizens to get them back.

Canada is working towards doing the same.

Trudeau has taken perfectly happy people out of their apartments and homes and planted Muslim Migrants in their place. Many have asked to be taken back to their own countries. But Turdeau isn't listening to that part.

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