Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cuba & Bolivia Blame Venezuela's Collapse On U.S.

by JASmius

It just occurred to me who Fidel Castro now most resembles: The Klingon prison commandant on Rura Penthe from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country....

Obviously the sailor cap is meant to conceal his crest and brow ridges.

Evo Morales, meanwhile, resembles one of the Monkees from a fortieth anniversary reunion, while Nocholas Maduro has got kind of a Saddam Hussein vibe going on, while his country is in the final death throes of terminal socialism.  Which is what Castro and Morales met over the weekend to spin in the Agenda's direction and for its benefit:

Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Bolivian President Evo Morales discussed "imperialist efforts" to undo leftist "progress" [snort] in Latin America during Morales' two-day visit to the communist-ruled island, Cuban state television reported on Saturday.

Two major powers in the region have moved to the right in recent months. Argentina's Peronists were voted out of office late last year while in Brazil, Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party was suspended as president earlier this month due to impeachment.

Leftist countries such as Cuba have called Rousseff's suspension a "coup" while the president of El Salvador went as far as to say he would not recognize the centrist interim government.

Morales and Castro spoke "of the events happening in Latin America and the imperialist efforts to revert the political and social movement in our region," state television reported. No images of the encounter were shown.

Of course.  It couldn't possibly be "leftist progress" that has led to Venezuelan food shortages, mass looting, the eating of dogs, cats, and pigeons to abate the waves of mass hunger, supermarkets not being regularly stocked, the country’s food producers only having about fifteen days' worth of inventory left, toilet paper being reduced to a luxury item, the rolling blackouts from the energy shortage in one of the most energy-rich countries on the planet, hospitals lacking medical supplies while babies are dying in their maternity wards, etc. etc., etc.

Can the socialist government help? Well, that depends upon if you can reach them, as they’ve shortened workweeks to only two days to save energy.  Which just happens to fit hand-in-glove with their "pro-labor" policies that are at the forefront of "leftist progress".

No, it's all the nefarious plot of the EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL, "imperialist" United States, which is ruled by....a fellow Marxist despot exemplar of "leftist progress".

And now that the Venezuelan people have had a heapin' helpin' snootful of "leftist progress" and are rejecting it in favor of a return to "imperialism" - which they define as access to food - what is the reaction of Nicholas Maduro (the Venezuelan Martin Van Buren to Hugo Chavez's Andrew Jackson)?  Threats to disband the national legislature and crush all dissent, which might help explain why the Venezuelan military is mobilizing.  Apparently they're the only citizens of that country (aside from the Maduroistas)  not subsisting on dogs, cats, pigeons, and used bathroom tissue.

All hail Uncle Hugo's "economic miracle"!

It's kind of fitting that Chavez beat his own regime to room temperature.

You know Castro's and Morales' "political and social movement in our region"?  Venezuela is the leading edge of it.  Which ought to give you an idea of what their region is going to look like in another decade or even less.  Sounds not unlike the Middle East these days, doesn't it?  And certainly fertile soil for Sino-Russian and even Islamic Fundamentalist exploitation.  Which means another round of U.S. "imperialism" might just become a necessity.

If, of course, we could afford it.  Remember how the United States is the brokest nation on Earth?  I can certainly picture a time in the not-so-distant future in which Americans are reduced to eating dogs and cats and pigeons and tree bark and wiping our asses with our hands and regarding electricity and food as luxuries and the government going all out to extinguish dissent....okay, we've already pretty much got that last one now, but the rest of it is definitely coming.  And when America reaches that condition, in what state will be the rest of the world?

I wonder what Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, and Barack Obama will have to say about that.

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