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Donald Trump's Celebrity Following

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The following is a list of people who are in the public eye (I suppose you could call them celebrities) who either support Donald Trump's run for President, or can stomach him because they think the rest of the candidates are too out there to vote for.  Some are known conservatives (well, right of center, anyway), and some are known to be definitely not Republican.  Here's the list according to "Your Daily Dish," with some of my own commentary about the person.

1. Charlie Sheen.  Well, he has voiced anti-liberal comments before, but his "conservatism" is more along the line of Jessie Ventura's. . . filled with incredible conspiracy theories, and other topics that most "Republicans" won't touch with a ten-foot long alcohol tab.  That said, he has also said he considers himself a "constitutional Republican."  Therefore, as a good Republican who is very fearful of the two socialists fighting for the Democrat ticket, he's in Trump's corner.

2.  Hulk Hogan.  Let me tell you, brother.  The former World Wrestling star is a devout Evangelical Christian who has faced storms in his life, but through it all returned to his faith.  Politically, though he seems to be a right-of-center kind of guy, in 2008 he endorsed Barack Obama, but in 2012 he was an avid supporter for Mitt Romney.  Now?  He supports Donald Trump, and has even said, "I want to be Trump's running mate."  Hogan does, after all, have quite a history with Trump, going back to when the mop on top of Trump's head actually looked natural.

3.  Stephen Baldwin.  He's the only Baldwin brother who has declared himself to be a born again Christian, an is an outwardly bold conservative.  He co-hosts a conservative radio talk show with Keven McCullough, and has starred in a number of Christian movies.  His comment about Donald Trump? “He’s not a politician, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks.”  That's a common talking point by folks who have been Trump supporters since the beginning of this campaign season, which tells us Stephen was likely on board with Trump from the beginning.

4.  Mike Tyson.  The greatest fighter ever, but not always the greatest decision-maker.  The face tattoo and his decision to bite off Evander Holyfield's ear are both evidence that he doesn't always make the best decisions.  However, when it comes to Trump, he told the Huffington Post that Trump should be President.  Is it because Tyson is right-of-center?  Not quite.  But, he's come to the same conclusion that most voters have.  We can't handle more Obama, and that's what Hillary and Bernie offers.  Even more amazing is Tyson is a longtime Democrat.

5.  Cher.  When I first encountered Cher on the list of Trump supporters, I shook my head.  Cher is no Republican.  Cher is definitely no conservative.  Even Sonny Bono couldn't convince her to abandon her liberal left ideals.  In fact, I could have sworn I heard Cher was threatening to leave the country if Trump won.  It turns out she's not on the list because she likes Donald Trumps candidacy.  She simply  sees Trump as less dangerous than the rest of the GOP.  I don't think Cher will be voting for Trump. Cher is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and a spokesperson, supporter, and icon for the gay community.  She has donated thousands of dollars to the Democrat Party and other leftist groups over the last few decades.  I think she gave Trump kind words in an interview because of all of the GOP candidates, in her mind, Trump's the closest to being a liberal Democrat.

6.  Willie Robertson.  The Duck Dynasty star has always been known to be a conservative patriot.  He wears red, white, and blue.  He's a supporter of our military veterans.  He's an entrepreneur.  The #nevertrump people, however, say that Donald Trump is just another New York liberal, so why would a conservative guy like Robertson support Trump?  “It sounds like he’s a real guy,” he has said. And while that can lead to mistakes, it makes far more sense to support Trump than a cautiously “glossed-over politician.”  Well, that, and there is no way he could support Hillary.  As a note, his father Phil Robertson was a Cruz supporter.

7.  Terrell Owens.  The hall-of-fame caliber NFL star (not in the Hall of Fame, yet, because, as one voter said, "he was disruptive") who's now no longer playing ball, or confounding fans with his out of control attitude, said of Trump, "This may be what the country needs and Trump … he’s a guy who won’t put up with B.S. and has what it takes to change how government is run."  Loud, obnoxious, and doesn't put up with anyone's B.S.?  Takes one to know one, I guess.  Owens is not exactly a Republican. Terrell says he's got no beef with President Obama -- and thinks he's truly helped change the country for the better -- but says moving forward, he likes Trump.

8. Howard Stern.  #nevertrump folks say Trump's association with Stern should be enough to show a voter that Trump is anything but conservative.  Stern, a radio shock-jock, I have to admit, is an equal opportunity jerk, giving grief to politicians and voters on both sides of the aisle regularly on his radio program.  However, the guy who says he's "hung like a pimple" is definitely not anything near being a right-of-center voter.  Stern says he thinks Trump will get things done, but he's not clear on exactly what he thinks those things are.  Note: Stern used a different word than "things."  That said, Stern may not be a rightwing extremist, but he has no love for the Democrats.  He has been quoted as saying, "I have vowed, I will never vote for a Democrat again.  No matter who they are.  I don't care if God becomes a Democrat.  These Democrats are communists.  This is communism.  This is gangsterism.  This is crazy."

9. Tila Tequila.  Who?  Is she even a celebrity?  Well, in this society she is, because from what I've read, she's a reality show star.  Tequila (shot glasses, anyone?) says she's a huge Trump supporter in a video she made.  At first she didn't like him, she says in the video.  But, she has changed her mind because she thinks he's changed, and is no longer whatever he was she once thought he was.  He's not the joke she thought he was originally, I suppose.  Listening to her in her video, she came across as a libertarian, and someone who is very critical of vaccines, genetically modified foods, and overseas military operations.  Tequila said the fact that Obama is not a warmonger is one of the few things she likes about him.  Oh, and Tila is a big "secure the border" gal.

10. Mark Cuban. Well, I don't know if the Billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, can be listed as a conservative, but he comes across as a Republican.  He's told the GOP in the past to "Stay completely out of social issues."  In other words, contrary to popular opinion by leftists, often conservative and republican are two different things.  Anyway, regarding Trump, Cuban said, “I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.”  In other words, he doesn't care if he agrees with him politically.  He finds Trump refreshing because he's not a politician, he thinks Trump is honest, and he'll shake up the system.  Personally, I think Cuban likes Trump because he's not Hillary Clinton.

11.  Tom Brady.  The greatest quarterback in NFL history according to a number of fans (but not this one) will be able to spend his suspension stumping for Donald Trump, since he won't be playing football for a while.  The New England Patriots signal caller expressed his support for Trump saying "Trump has done amazing things,"  Amazing isn't necessarily good.  The Irish-Catholic calls himself an independent.  He supported John Kerry in 2004.  He attended George W. Bush's State of Union Speech shortly after that.  Maybe that's why he likes Trump.  With The Donald he gets a part of two political worlds. . . left and right.

12. Teresa Giudice.  Who?  I suppose she kind of looks familiar from somewhere.  From what I hear, she's sort-of-famous for being one of the integral supporting cast members of the hit reality show The Real Housewives.  The what?  Never heard of it, or her.  According to the Daily Dish, she recently expressed her support for Donald Trump in an interview.  She said some favorable things about Trump, and so the celebrity watchers went crazy with excitement, and she was somehow then included on the Daily Dish's list.  I don't know who she is, and to be honest, I don't care who she is.  Next?

13.  Dennis Rodman.  You know the guy.  He's buddies with the North Korean dictators.  He dresses like the guys who want to use the women's bathrooms at Target with your daughter, sister and mom.  You know the guy.  He's a former NBA basketball player.  He has too much jewelry poking out of his face.  He uses crazy colors in his hair.  Dennis Rodman is about as close as you can get to a cross-dresser without technically being one of those guys that make you cringe when they talk about their rights to be who they are. Rodman recently tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for many years. We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016.”  So, like fellow sports star Tom Brady, politics doesn't matter.  He likes Trump because he thinks the billionaire is a stick in the spokes of the political establishment.  Then, he adjusted his pink skirt.

14. Gary Busey.  First, I want to know if the creepy actor made the decision to support Trump while drunk, or sober.  Wait, I hear he's never sober.  That makes his decision either dubious, or typical of his drunken decisions.  He's been a Trump supporter the longest, according to The Daily Dish; since 2011.  Busey says Trump's "a great guy. He’s sharp. He’s fast. He can change the country after the last eight years."  At least eight years?  Is he suggesting Trump will serve longer?  Another thought.  Do you think the fact that Busey is a two-time celebrity apprentice participant influenced his decision?

15.  Sarah Palin.  You betcha, ya know.  When Sarah Palin isn't out hunting moose, she's in Trump's camp of supporters.  I have been a huge Sarah Palin fan.  I was talking about her on this site long before McCain announced her as his running mate eight years ago.  She is a great voice for conservatism, and most of the accusations against her that people claim sums her up as being establishment or a RINO (or stupid, or dangerous) are usually inaccurate, or misunderstood (a discussion for another time, however).  Has she said or done things that left me scratching my head?  Who hasn't?  Her support, however, for Trump, caught me off guard.  I thought for sure she would stump for Cruz.  Which made me think. . . what might she know about Trump that we don't know?

16.  Kid Rock.  The rocker/rapper has repeatedly shown his right-of-center tendencies.  Guns, God and Rock and Roll, he seems to say.  His support for Trump reveals he's not as far to the right as some liberal lefties have feared, however.  Kid Rock has said (expletives removed) that we should let the businessman run the country like a business.  He has added that the campaign has been entertaining.  Well, I have to give it to Kid Rock on that last one.  He's exactly right.

17. Gene Simmons. The KISS rocker says that Trump was "a friend, a great father, and a straight shooter."  The 70s tongue flicking rocker has always been one to voice his thoughts, and his reality show was one that was never short of opinion, but one thing we've noticed is that as Simmons has gotten older, and left the drugs behind, he has been on a steady journey towards what has been the platform of the Republican Party.  It's amazing what some time and wisdom can do for you.  Simmons is hoping Trump has experienced the same.

18.  Wayne Newton.  Mr. Las Vegas has a Republican Party history.  He campaigned for both Bushes.  He's been one to show his support for other Republicans, as well.  So, Newton throwing his support behind the GOP candidate that is the presumptive winner for the party, Donald Trump, is not a great surprise.  As for his official opinion of Trump, Wayne Newton was willing to get behind the celebrity businessman early on. When on Fox and Friends of the Fox News Channel, Newton said, "I love Donald, and he would make a great president."

19.  Kenny Rogers.  The country singer is a lifelong Democrat, and all of his political donations on record have been to a Democrat. But, Rogers says he likes Donald Trump's campaign. "I love what he says, I have to admit. He can be president and not owe anybody anything; he’s one of the few people who has the money to do it, and has the guts to do it."  Perhaps Kenny Rogers has gotten wiser with age. . . or less wise with age, depending upon how you view his support for the boisterous GOP candidate, Donald Trump.

20  Anne Coulter.  Wouldn't Coulter be a fine Attorney General?  True Conservatives who reside in the #nevertrump camp were disappointed when they heard that the hard hitting writer and commentator Anne Coulter was voting in the Trump column, and even going so far as to stump for him.  She was a supporter of Trump long before his political days, and considering her book "Adios America" it is no surprise she loves Trump's rhetoric about illegal immigration. "We have been lied to for 30 years about immigration. That’s why Trump is striking this chord. He’s attractive. He’s tall. He’s hilariously funny. I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who would win."  Lied to for 30 years?  Is it possible Trump is lying to her, as well?

21. Jesse Ventura. At one point, Ventura said he was going to vote for Bernie Sanders!  Ventura is known for supporting various Conspiracy Theories, and having a true hate for the political establishment (or should we say "political machine"). Of course, after all of the smoke cleared, Ventura is in favor of a Trump victory. His quote? “I shocked my staff today. I came in and said, ‘You know what, as far as the Republicans are concerned, I hope Trump wins.’”  Personally, I think he still likes Sanders more.

22.  Jesse James.  Now that the reality mechanic has lost interest in the very liberal Sandra Bullock, and remembers his experiences with Mr. Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, Jesse James has become a Trump fan. On Facebook Mr. James wrote, "I was able to observe him and his kids in their day to day routine. What I saw was a person that treated everyone with respect. Even the (Hispanic) guys in the mail room. This guy is the Real Deal, and will Make America Great Again."

23.  Loretta Lynn.  Country Western singers tend to lean to the right, and tend to support GOP candidates.  Some are still not sure that includes Donald Trump.  Some say he's like a third-party candidate inside the Republican primary.  The Coal Miner's Daughter has a history of backing Republicans, but says her Daddy was a Republican, but her mother was a Democrat.  She backed the first Bush, but had a long friendship with Jimmy Carter and supported him when he was President.  She has historically been an equal-opportunity critic, criticizing at times both Republicans and Democrats alike. As for her opinion about Trump? "Trump has sold me — what more can I say? I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around."

24. Ted Nugent.  Please tell me you are not surprised.  I love Uncle Ted.  His concert I went to last year was kick-butt.  His comments about politics between songs and sets were pretty entertaining.  He has not been secretive about his politics, and Ted's distrust of Obama and Hillary Clinton is not secret.  Could Nugent be a fan of Trump because he thinks the businessman is as loud and bold as the rockstar? "[Trump] should be given the Medal of Freedom for speaking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner."

25.  Lou Ferrigno.  For some reason, I thought Lou would go for the Green Candidate. Oh, well. The television Incredible Hulk from when I was just a kid said of Trump, "I hope Donald goes all the way."  The television star and deputy sheriff considered running for office, at one point.  He supported Romney, and has said a number of times, "I'm a Republican."

26.  Ivana Trump.  You know someone's gotta be okay if even the ex-wife likes him.  Your Daily Dish says, "Donald Trump’s ex, Ivana Trump, may not support him in marriage, but she does appear to support him in his presidential bid. She even recently held a luncheon to support his prospects. If there’s anybody who probably has a solid idea of what Donald Trump is like behind closed doors, it’s Ivana Trump. And yet for some reason, she’s shown support for him anyway."  Maybe because behind closed doors he's not the monster the liberal left progressive socialist commie Democrats make him out to be.

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