Sunday, May 15, 2016

Germany Teaching Muslims To Practice "Safe Rape"

by JASmius

I'm running low on viscerally hyperbolic adjectives to describe this dhimmisanity again:

The German government has created a website dedicated to teaching the influx of Middle Eastern i[nvader]s about sex – literally and figuratively, reports say.

Because they weren't raping German women the "right" way, I suppose.  You know, "Holen Sie sich Ihren Schwanz aus meinem Ohr!"

Germany’s Federal Center for Health Education's $136,000 site uses graphic diagrams and images to outline everything from first-time sex to how to perform far more advanced sexual acts – and even how to behave respectfully with [homosexuals], the Washington Post reports.

Because the Gaystapo, not the Global Jihad, REALLY rules the world.  And the Western Left is still more perverted than even Muzzie men.  Although I'm almost shocked that Deutsche officials didn't include training on "gender transition".  Isn't that trannyphobic?

According to UPI, the section deals explicitly with young people trying to lose their virginity, suggesting: "Make sure that no one can disturb you," and describing the various sensations and emotions people have when losing their virginity.

I don't think what's been going on on the streets of Germany over the past near-year has much to do with young German women trying to "lose their virginity" and much more with them trying to keep it from being forcibly taken from them.  And rather than cutting off the influx and sending them all back where they came from, the German government's solution is another rubbers drive.  Wunderbar.

Not everybody in Deutscheland has lost their ficken minds, though that really doesn't seem to matter:

"What is being done with our money?" freelance artist Michael Bramer wonders in a tweet translated by the Post.

The creation and operation of a Muzzie version of "," Herr Bramer....

....because leftists just have to nationalize everything.

The European Union is pitching in where it can by fiscally punishing any member nation that doesn't accept its fair share of Muslim rape gangs and help them "give its own women fertility":

The European Commission has proposed a new system for enforcing the relocation of Muslim [invader]s around the EU, giving countries that refuse to accept refugees an expensive “pay-not-to-play” option. First Vice President Hans Timmermans warned, “There is no à la carte solidarity in the European Union, you cannot pick and choose when to show solidarity or not.”

The measure, which would set a price of €250,000 per [Muslim] for countries that want to avoid EU-imposed quotas for the resettlement of "asylum"-seekers, is part of a raft of new proposals aimed at "rebooting" the EU’s beleaguered strategy for dealing with the migration crisis. [emphases added]

"Rebooting"?  Sounds more like a blunt reiteration of what created the crisis in the first place.  And, oh by the way, I'm assuming that deporting all those Muzzies would cost Germany a quarter of a trillion euros.  And that's only about a quarter of the overall total.  So what this amounts to is that the Eunuchs are literally threatening to bankrupt themselves to ensure the rise of Eurabia.

Well, sure - why should the Germans get to Schwein all the Spaß?

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