Sunday, May 15, 2016


By Allan McNew

The Conclusion.

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I have more reasons as to how and why Trump became the Republican front
runner, but to carry on would perhaps belabor the point. So, I would
like to conclude by addressing right wing pundits, right wing
politicians, lobbyists and others of the #nevertrump persuasion.

I will state that since both parties sold us out many years ago I have
been registered to vote as an independent / decline to state for a long
time. I plan to change my registration in order to vote in the primary,
then revert back to independent status. I neither like nor trust either
major party, the Libertarian Party is not viable, and I'm not sure I
would be on their bandwagon either. The other third parties strike me as
an oddball, disparate collection of fruit loops, deranged demagogues
escaped from the asylum.

When Trump announced his candidacy, I denounced Trump in strongly
worded, very uncomplimentary terms. Right up until Cruz and Kasich
dropped out I did not support Trump. Much of what I thought would happen
on the campaign trail did happen, but with a different result than I
predicted. In the beginning, I did not see Trump rolling over his

As stated before, this is the reality: It's going to be either Sanders,
Clinton or Trump. There will probably be four Supreme Court nominations.
I know exactly how Sanders or Clinton will fill those vacancies.

To sabotage Trump with a third party run, by staying home on election
day or by continuing to give Trump the full on, non stop, way out of
context and even manufactured treatment from the right is to
ensure that Sanders or Clinton wins, and that
progressive-socialist/fascist agenda rules the country.

So, here is a suggested 7 step program for the #nevertrump crowd:

1) Clear off anything that may be on the kitchen table and place two
chairs facing each other by the table.

2) Place a loaded pistol and a 32 ounce waffle headed framing hammer on
the table.

3) Sit in one chair and prop one foot on top of the backrest of the
other chair.

4) Pick up the pistol and shoot the foot propped on the other chair.

5) If Trump is still ruining your life, lay one hand on the table.

6) Pick up the hammer, get a good windup and smack your hand as hard as
you can.

7) Repeat with vigor until Trump is no longer a concern.

Progressive-socialist agenda fulfilled by Sanders/Clinton is going to
make your life a lot more miserable than that.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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