Wednesday, May 18, 2016


By Allan McNew

I asked a politician a question politicians normally try to dodge and was answered straight up without waffling or hesitation. (Me) “What will you do to bring jobs locally that will put LOCAL people to work?” to which he effectually replied: I won't do anything. We need to get government off the back of business, laissez faire, hands off.

The man said it with a sincerity which is often lacking among politicians, he appears to truly believe what he says. That sort of thing is refreshing to me.

And, in a nation full of big government leftists regulating us all to death, right wing politicians who have abandoned us and the elite on both sides dancing for the same puppet masters, I will vote for him. However, if the government were mostly packed full of laissez faire advocates I would direct my vote elsewhere.

Here is why:

I originally worked for small, usually single proprietor contractors. Some were very good to their employees, others may not have been so much. But, this is what really counted, they knew the work as well as the business.

I later went to work for a multi billion dollar corporation which eventually became somewhat international in scope. Some years into my employment there, I found that the board of directors served on something like 53 other boards of directors, including often competing corporations with business models like utilities, communications companies, defense contractors, financial institutions, real estate developers, and much, much more. They were in a position to manipulate much of the economy, acted as though they owned their employees and arrogantly thought themselves to be better than anyone else, including the majority of their customers, something I hadn't seen from small
employers. Even though I reject the socialist rhetoric coming from the union leaderships on their property and resent the expenditure of my dues proceeds on politicians I vehemently disagree with, that board of directors taught me to embrace my closed shop union representation.

They knew nothing about the bottom part of the business, and they didn't care.

A lot of politicians on both sides of the isle have not a clue about the needs of disparate types of business nor the needs of a disparate work force for both to generally prosper, which makes for a healthy economy.

On the other hand, as a side observation, it seems that much of big business has gone off the rails senseless as well, which is another opinion piece for another time outside of this: It makes no sense to
chase the extreme low bid of any sort when you know without a doubt it's going to cost more in the long run any more than the bewildering, relatively recent practice of hiring kids straight out of college – with no practical work experience of any sort - to manage large, complex jobs while running roughshod arrogant over well experienced, well qualified field supervision and their hands. If it all came out of a book, librarians would rule the world.

My conclusion is that you can't punish business for merely existing any more than you can let laissez faire ideology rampage unimpeded. The far right and the far left meet together on the other side of a circle that originates in the middle, and the results, while taking different paths to get there, are the same in the end. A small, wealthy, privileged oligarchy which tramples a very large underclass of enslaved serfs.

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