Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Out Of Every Six U.S. Workers Is A Foreigner

by JASmius

Further, and awfully convincing, evidence that our country passed the tipping point/Rubicon on "open borders" immigration policy a long, long time ago:

Foreign-born workers now account for nearly 17% of the total U.S. labor force, marking the highest level in twenty years, according to a new Labor [Commissaria]t report.

Last year, the nation's labor force had about 26.3 million workers who were born in other countries, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The numbers have gone up and down over the years, marking 11% in 1996; nearly 16% in 2007, and then falling during the [ongoing Obama depr]ession.

The nation's steady economic [decline] is [still] drawing in more [aliens], but the labor force born in the United States is [shrinking]....the report shows.

The report, however, did not distinguish whether the foreign-born workers were in the country legally or illegally, nor did it track their home nations.

And why would it, since Barack Obama has already "legalized" them all?

However, overall, Hispanics made up 48.8% of the foreign-born labor force, with Asians accounting for 24.1%.

If you wonder why we keep hearing the phrase "pathway to citizenship," here is a very simple, straightforward reason for it: Physically deporting millions of illegal aliens in the way that Donald Trump has demanded is YUUUUGEly impractical, both logistically and politically, as even his biggest House supporter admitted this week.  It always was, which is why that promise was always BS.

What is desperately needed above all else is the sort of generation-long breathing space that America has historically had up until half a century ago, in which immigration is halted and the latest influx can assimilate and learn to be Americans - the "melting pot" process, with no more of this insane multi-culti "tossed salad" lunacy.  Cutting off illegal immigration is part of that, though removing its economic incentives - Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" - would be far more effective than building Trump's border wall, which isn't going to get built anyway because Mexico isn't going to be extorted into paying for it, as the aforementioned House GOP Trumper also conceded.  The kind of deportation that Trumplicans are expecting - i.e. all of them - simply is not and cannot be a high priority.

We first and foremost need to stabilize the situation.  That can only be done realistically, not by angry, pie-in-the-sky fantasism.

And the fact that Donald Trump is the presumptive "Republican" presidential nominee tells you all you need to know about which tine has been taken at that particular fork in the road.

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