Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Radio Extravaganza: A Taste Of Trumpageddon

Welcome to the best three-hour political talk radio program not in national syndication (yet).  For two hours at and the final hour on Constitution Radio through our flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio, hosts Doug Gibbs (Constitution Radio) and JASmius (Hard Starboard Radio) plus Alex Ferguson ( show Donk-occupied America what a REAL triple-threat sounds like.

Here are today's CarStar/AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

Communist Christmas In Seattle

The Unzipping Of The West Coast

The Singularity Can Wait

Imperial Sodomy

Health Care Maelstrom

Border Crisis: The Sequel

Now THIS is Political Correctness

EPA's New Eagle Nuggets & Tenders

Full-Court Gun-Grabbing Press

The Counter-Crusades Rage On

The United States of Luxembourg

The Grim Trump Reaper

The Art Of The Collapse

Hillary Triumphant

Trump Unity

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