Monday, May 02, 2016

The GOP Civil War In 6.73 Minutes

by JASmius

Behold, the Obamunization of the Republican Party, folks: On one side, a calm, reasonable, informed, intelligent, substantive, factual, credible constitutional conservative Tea Party Republican leader; on the other, boorish, sneering, ignorant, brain-dead, "populist" human detritus.

Why Senator Cruz bothered, I'm not sure, other than sheer due diligence - "I seek to be the president of all Americans including the ones who don't support me" - which means he suffers fools a lot better than I do.  Which is curious, given how little-inclined he's been to suffer the so-called "GOP establishment" over the past three years.  Maybe the ordeal of a presidential campaign can be a maturing process.  Too bad it isn't proving to be one for Trump.

Exit quote from AP:

Here’s a fun idea, though: Re-interview this guy a year from now after Trump has gone down in flames and President Hillary’s preparing to sign an amnesty bill that Chuck Schumer just ushered through a Democrat Senate. See what he thinks about the wall then.

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