Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trump Abandoning Muslim Ban Promise...In Exchange For Muslim Votes

by JASmius

My, my, my, but Trumplicans' "coalition" bedfellows are getting stranger by the day, are they not?  Next thing you know Sean Hannity will be sporting a keffiyeh and Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, and Laura Ingraham will be decked out in veils and full burqas:

Donald Trump’s top foreign policy adviser has quietly opened backchannels within Muslim and Middle Eastern communities in the U.S. in an attempt to win over a small but increasingly important voting bloc.

Stop the tape.  How do you all you Trumplicans feel about this development?  Your candidate, who only a few short months ago bellowed that we should ban any more Muslims from entering the country, is now perfectly willing to cheerfully throw that "bold, brash" declarative overboard to mine Muslim votes.  What's your response to this?  Rage?  Anger?  "There goes the neighborhood"?  Or a corrupt shrug?

Some Muslim Republicans and conservative Middle Eastern activists have also engaged with other top campaign officials about furthering Trump’s outreach to those communities.

There are Muslim Republicans?  Well, I guess there are now.  Meaning that the meaning of being a "Republican" has just about reached complete dissolution.

In a Friday phone interview with the Hill, Phares said Trump campaign officials had not directed him to engage with the groups. Rather, he described the talks as a natural extension of the relationships he’s built over decades of policy work on Middle Eastern affairs.

Phares said that he initiated contact with several individuals and groups to ask them to organize for Trump or to sell them on Trump’s positions in hopes that they’d at some point support the likely GOP nominee.

Ah, so Phares was "freelancing" or "going into business for himself".  Since Trump is staunchly for keeping any more Muzzies out of the country, we can confidently conclude that The Donald fired Phares's ass when he found out about this outrage, yes?

To quote the Red Skull, "Evidently not":

But the bulk of the discussions, Phares said, were initiated by curious Muslim Republicans or Middle Eastern conservatives seeking additional information on Trump’s views or hoping to influence his policies – particularly as they pertain to the temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

“Most of those who reached out said they want to support Mr. Trump, but they’re not clear about some of the statements he’s made,” Phares said.

i.e. They don't take anything Trump says seriously, either, and are attempting to ascertain if there's anything he's said in this campaign that isn't subject to walkback.

This last bit is simply beyond the pale of credulity:

“These people know what they want – they’re concerned about the well-being of their communities and believe that Trump has the right economic and social agenda,” he continued. “But they’re trying to get a handle on how he’ll deal with the Middle East.” [emphasis added]

If they're truly Muslims, they're far more concerned with wiping out everybody else's "communities" than the well-being of their own.  Which is why Trump was supposedly going to keep out any of their incoming reinforcements.  Why would any Muzzie idolatrously bow the knee to Trump over Allah?  Doesn't that sound rather YUUUUUUGEly out of character for them?

But Trump isn't going to ban Muslims from anywhere and never was.  Like we #NoneOfTheAbovers spent months futiley trying to tell you.  And now you're all hunky-dory with it, because you're convinced that he, and you, are going to "win," whatever that now means to you.

But you're still wrong about that.  And now you'll all be riding into political exile on four-humped camels to boot.

Hope y'all enjoy the couscous.

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