Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trump Secures GOP Nomination

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Unless we have shenanigans going on at the GOP Convention in July, Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nomination.  On Thursday the Associated Press reported he had enough unbound delegates to reach 1,237 delegates, the amount needed to reach a majority, and achieve the nomination.  The writing had been on the wall, though.  Any rivals have already dropped out of the race.

Donald Trump has still failed to secure support from Republican Establishment supporters and members, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Ryan has met with Trump, and Trump has spoken favorably of the meetings.  However, Ryan has still, so far, declined to give the party outsider his support.

Members of the #NeverTrump and #NoneOfTheAbove groups continue to also refuse to support the candidate, claiming he is as much of a New York liberal as Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump now has 1,238 delegates, with 300 delegates remaining at stake.  The question is, will the GOP change the rules by the convention in Cleveland. . . even if on June 7 Trump secures California and the four other states holding primaries?

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