Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Trump Wins Indiana, Cruz Suspends Campaign

by JASmius

Whigdom, here we come....or, rather, here y'all come, because the Grand Old Party has now officially left me:

Senator Cruz makes an exit every bit as dignified as the Trump flying monkey circus has not been, is not, and never will be:

You know what I think about this, and I know what you think about this.  So I'll leave it to Susan Wright to presage the death march Trumplicans are about to endure all by their lonesome - or at least, without me riding shotgun:

[I]f you set your house on fire and then stand around to admire your handiwork, you’re still standing in the middle of a burning house.

That is what those supporting Trump have done. They’ve lit the GOP house on fire, barred the doors, and now are congratulating themselves on just how big and hot of a fire they started. They’re going to make sure the so-called GOPe suffers. They just don’t get that they’re in that burning house, as well.

After this election, they’ll go back to reality TV and window-licking, but the rest of the nation will be left to mourn the loss of patriotism, promise, and freedom.

Elections have consequences. Somehow, I doubt the Trumpidian cultists will even understand what they’ve done to us, once the smoke clears. [emphasis added]

Of course not.  For that they'd have to admit that they were...

....and that's something of which brainwashed cultists are incapable.

In the meantime....

UPDATE: In his victory speech tonight, Trump actually said the following:

Hillary Clinton will be a very poor president. [emphasis added]

Was that a Freudian November concession and early announcement of his 2020 challenge to President Rodham in the space of eight words?  Like we haven't suffered enough.

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