Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump's Excuse For Reneging On Self-Funding Promise: The RNC Made Me Do It

by JASmius

Allahpundit describes the mass fascist psychosis that is Trumpmania very succinctly: "The best line comes after the AP notes that Trump’s fans are forever praising him for not letting sleazy fatcats buy influence with him via campaign contributions. Now that the sleaze tap has been turned on for the general election, the report continues, “It’s not clear how they will react.” It’s not? Has the AP ever interviewed a Trump supporter? They’ll react the way they react every time he undermines his own credibility - by ignoring it and reminding themselves that Trump is America’s unimpeachable national savior no matter what those filthy elites say":

Trump insists that his about-face from self-funded candidate to one who relies on donors is happening only at the request of the [Trum]publican National Committee.

“The RNC really wanted to do it, and I want to show good spirit,” Trump said in a phone interview with the Associated Press. “‘Cause I was very happy to continue to go along the way I was.”… [emphasis added]

i.e. Broke in campaign terms, for all intents and purposes, and set to be buried by La Clinton Nostra's potentially multi-billion dollar machine.  Which is to say, no, he was not "happy to continue along the way he was," because he actually wants to win, he doesn't want to pay for it himself - most likely because he isn't a "billionaire" after all, as his refusal to release his tax returns is doubtless designed to conceal - and there has never been a sleazy deal he wasn't willing to strike to benefit himself and his own personal interests.

In short, he's ripping off his own noodleheaded cultist supporters once again, and they're begging for more.

For every check he solicits — and donors can give almost $450,000 apiece — the first $5,400 goes to Trump’s primary and general election campaign accounts. The rest is spread among the RNC and eleven State parties….

Asked by The AP if he sees a contradiction in asking for money after repeatedly saying he stood above the other candidates because he didn’t, Trump said, “No, because I’m raising money for the party.”

So he claims now.  Anybody want to bet the farm, or their lives, on Trump honoring that claim as he hasn't pretty much ANY OTHER one he's made in this campaign?  He's bilking the RNC and State GOP organizations just as egregiously as he is his base.

Case in point:

Trump also first denied to the AP that he is raising any money for the primary. Reminded of the terms of the fundraising agreement, he then said primary donations don’t really count because he already has defeated his GOP rivals.

What has the latter got to do with the former?  Just because the primary campaign is over doesn't obviate the funds he lent his campaign to win it.  And recall that in his most recent FEC filing, he could easily have converted that $43 million loan into a contribution by simply checking a single box, and he deliberately chose not to do so, because he never had any intention of doing so.  The whole "I'm rich, so I can't be bought" spiel - even though being buyable accounts for whatever part of his being rich that isn't explained by his inheriting a nine-figure fortune from his father - was always a lie, and now he's gleefully admitting it and rubbing Trumplicans' noses in it, and they're incapable of realizing it.

Here's another case in point: Does the name Woody Johnson ring a bell?:

[Trump] used Medicare drug prices as his first example — he’s joined Democrats in proposing that the government use its clout to negotiate lower drug prices, an idea normally anathema in conservative politics.

“For some reason, I don’t know what the reason is — I do know what the reason is, but I don’t know how they can sell it — we’re not allowed to negotiate drug prices, can you believe it?” Trump said.

Trump predicted Jeb Bush would avoid taking on the issue as president because Woody Johnson, whose family founded Johnson & Johnson, served as his campaign chairman. [emphases added]

Woody Johnson is now Trump's latest fundraising huckster:

Jets owner and prolific GOP fund-raising machine Woody Johnson has jumped aboard the Trump Train and pledged to make it rain for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Johnson’s support is key beyond the bottom line, because he represents the GOP establishment that has struggled to embrace Donald Trump‘s campaign, Bloomberg News reported.

Johnson had supported Jeb Bush, who was a favorite punching bag of Trump’s during the primary campaign.

Take your pick: Trump is a liar, Trump is a betrayer, Trump has sold out to the GOP "establishment," Trump is raping the party and damaging it beyond repair.  There really is no positive or beneficial way to spin this for hardcore Trumpers who are willing to be honest about their candidate.  Which is why none of them are willing to be honest about it, or him, because it would be to admit what fools they have been and continue to rabidly be, and that Donald Trump is completely untrustworthy and unfit for the office he seeks.

So it's "brilliant" and "rules-changing" and "game-breaking" and all the other mindless gushing that incessantly squirts in Il Douche's direction.

For everybody outside the cult, it is what it has always been and remains: an insatiable tsunami of fecal incontinence.  Which is why Trumpmania is synonymous with political coprophagia that no quantity or quality of contrite rhetorical breath mints will ever be sufficient to expunge.

You know that "rain-making" The Donald has treacherously embraced with such gusto?  The showers are "golden" in more ways than one.

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