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By Allan McNew

There has been a long term problem with Ballot Measure invalidation in California. One has to make sure that everything on the ballot measure (signature and address) is exactly the same as the submitted voter registration form.  For example, if the voter registration form signature is Thomas Citizen but the ballot measure has a signature of Tom Citizen, Mr. Citizen's participation may be invalidated. As well, if Mr. Citizen is registered at 1234 Maple Anywhere, California, if the ballot signature does not include a street suffix (street, lane, avenue, drive, etc.) the voter's participation may be invalidated. Additionally,
if the suffix is abbreviated (ST, Ln, Ave, Dr, etc.) the petition may be invalidated.

If those who are checking ballot measure voter info on petitions are ideologically “possessed”, they might validate or invalidate petition signatures based on ideology. Progressive-socialists tend to insert themselves into all parts of the democratic process, including obscure governmental processes such as voter validation, and for many the end
justifies the means to further their ideological agenda. And, if that means stretching to invalidate what they disagree with and reaching to validate what they like, many will do so – whether or not they violate election law.

I have had my voter registration switched without my knowledge or consent at least once each in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in my lifetime. When I discovered my registration had been changed in Riverside County some years ago, the person across the counter at the
county Registrar of Voters related, which she may have truly believed concerning my case, that ballot petition signature collectors who also process voter registration forms sometimes change registration info before the forms reach the Registrars office.

This was recently the subject of a recent article in the Press Enterprise:

“Riverside County Republican Party officials said dozens of GOP-registered voters in the county have had their voter-registration data tampered with, including having their party affiliation switched without their knowledge.

The voters in question include Riverside Community College District Trustee Nathan Miller, who said someone switched his party affiliation to Democrat. He said he found out only after looking up his registration status.

Miller and Riverside County GOP Chairman Scott Mann said an investigator from the county district attorney’s office was looking into the matter. Responding to a Facebook post from Miller, District Attorney Mike Hestrin asked any voters victimized by voter fraud to contact Assistant Chief Investigator Wayne Hoy.

Mann said he’s fielded more than two dozen complaints from voters throughout the county whose voter registration information was changed without their knowledge or consent. The tampering ranged from changing party affiliations to Democrat or no party preference to address
changes, ethnicity changes, birth dates and changing a voter’s status from voting at a polling place to voting by mail, Mann said.

“These ‘errors’ are clearly not resultant from any (county Registrar of Voters) housekeeping action to clean up voter files,” Mann said. “Someone is doing this on purpose to disrupt the integrity of voter data in Riverside County right before the June 7th presidential primary.”

Miller, who is the northwest caucus chairman for the county GOP, said that after hearing about other people who had their voter registration information tampered with, he looked up his registration online and saw that his party affiliation was switched to Democrat on April 11...

...Mann said the ability to register to vote online and automatic registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles makes it easier to manipulate voter data.”

Last week or so I went down to the Registrar's office to temporarily change my registration from Independent to Republican in order to participate in the Republican primary, and returned a couple days later to vote. I was not required to show any sort of identification to either register or vote.

There is more to discuss, but I like to keep submissions to about one page and this one is running over, so subject to be continued in a further submission.

Press Enterprise article

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Here's where you can go to check if you're registered to vote, or whether your voter registration information is correct.

If you live in Riverside County:

If you live in San Bernardino County:

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