Monday, June 06, 2016

bloody Chicago

By Douglas V. Gibbs

If gun control is such a good idea, then why is it more dangerous to live in Chicago than to fight in the Middle East as an American troop as a part of a war effort?

Gun control removes firearms from the law abiding citizen, but the criminal element still gets their hands on guns.  Shootings in Paris, Britain and Australia have all happened since gun confiscation.  All of the American shootings everyone is so upset about happened in gun-free zones where the rules regarding gun possession are very strict.  Also, all of the shooters have been either Democrats, were raised by Democrats, or were Muslim.  Not a single conservative among them.

After a recent shooting at UCLA the media and school actually attempted to cover up the Islamic identity of the shooter.  The shooter being a Muslim didn't fit with the liberal left narrative, so they tried to cover it up.

As we attempt to disarm Americans with bad gun control laws, Islam is setting up training camps in the United States. . . waiting for the day the Democrats finally win the gun control debate and disarm the American public.  Muslim terrorists love unarmed victims.  Islamic terrorism continues to be rampant, but the mainstream media is not focusing on these stories because for some reason they have bought into the "poor Muslim refugee" swindle being perpetrated against the West. . . when in reality it is an invasion. War is being waged against us, and the liberal left wants to take away our guns as the war rapidly approaches its apogee.

So, while Chicago gets bloodier with gangs and criminals running amok, and while the Democrats try to find a way to take away everybody's legally owned guns, the Muslim terrorists wait - wait until they can rain death upon the United States. . . and when it happens, the Democrats will say it's the Republican Party's fault, or the Tea Party's fault.

Conservatives are armed to the teeth.  If gun ownership by The Right was a dangerous problem, you'd know it.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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