Saturday, June 18, 2016

Constitution Radio: Foundational Catastrophe

Host: Douglas V. Gibbs
Co-Host: Alex Ferguson

Program: Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs
Station: KMET 1490-AM
ON AIR: 1:00 pm on 1490-AM
Podcast Page:

Today's program will begin with guest Sam Griffith, Author of "MacClinton" which is a parody of Shakespeare's MacBeth. . . this one being the tragedy of the Clintons.

Then the Constitution Quest Question of the Week, and the following AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

7. Constitution Corner: Foundation of a Free Society

6. What Democracy Looks Like

5. Holding the IRS Accountable: H.R. 5053

4. Venezuela: A Glimpse of America's Future Under Democrat Party Control

3. Terrorist Attacks in America

  • (and in Europe)

  • (and in Israel)

2. Orlando Shooting: What Obama's Democrats Really Think

1. Obama Administration and Democrat Party Steps Up Effort to Take Our Guns

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