Monday, June 06, 2016


Opinion by Allan McNew

We've seen it over the course of several Trump rallies, anti-Trump vigilantes show up at a Trump rally, wait for the Trump rally to finish, swarm into those peaceably leaving the venue where the attendees exercised their first amendment right to peaceably assembly in order to hear Trump exercise his first amendment right to exercise free speech, and said vigilantes commence to harass, incite, stalk, pursue, assault, batter, and vandalize those persons  and their property.

At some point mayors, such as San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, need to take responsibility for the criminal behavior of intolerant, hate filled, violent vigilantes who originate within their respective city boundaries. It's incomprehensibly bad governmental practice for mayors
such as Liccardo to excuse intolerant, criminal, hate filled perpetrators and, frequently as well as unethically, slander their victims.

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